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Balance and Proprioception
This phase of the rehabilitation process, often overlooked, is one of the main reasons why old injuries keep re-occurring. Once you feel some strength returning to your Achilles it's time to incorporate some balancing... - Found November 15, 2008
Basics of Shin Splints
If you've ever gone jogging or walking long distances, you likely suffered from shin splints at one time or another. Generally speaking, shin splints are pains that occur in the lower leg and are caused by soreness and... - Found June 22, 2008
Beat the Heat: Keeping Cool in Hot Weather
Beat the Heat: Keeping Cool in Hot Weather Whether you live in a place where you have to worry about the sun all year round, or you just have a few killer months of summer to worry about, summer can be a truly... - Found August 23, 2008
Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss
You don't have to do cardio to lose fat, but cardio machines can be helpful for boosting your metabolism and burning more fat. And if you use interval training, you can get more results than if you did - Found September 07, 2008
Best Foods for Fat Burning
I couldn't be any simpler with my nutrition recommendations for fat burning. You will get have the most energy and the best body and fitness level possible if you eat whole, natural foods. I always ask Dr. Chris Mohr,... - Found September 07, 2008
Body Shaping Exercise Secrets for Ladies
Body shaping for ladies must first start with a clear understanding of the term's meaning. All too often the term is misused and confused with other fitness related phrases, methods or activities - such as bodybuilding... - Found June 24, 2008
Bodybuilding Hormone Secrets
More today on the secrets of supersets... In the past, I've mentioned supersets being effective simply because they save you time - and that results didn't depend on your heart rate (even though it gets jacked - Found June 23, 2008
Boomerang World
I recently read an article by Tim Wright about boomerangs. He was recalling how fascinated we were with boomerangs as kids. There was this flat, curved piece of wood and you would throw it and watch in amazement as it... - Found September 21, 2008
Break through almost any obstacle...
I know we’ve spoken time and time again about the importance of visualizing yourself (every day) having already achieved your goal body, and actually seeing yourself enjoying life in your new body. Those of you... - Found December 10, 2008
Breast Augmentation Report
Are those real? You can guess and speculate all you want, but chances are you don't know nearly as much about breast augmentations as you think. You probably come across dozens of women each week who have implants, but... - Found October 07, 2008
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