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8 Easy Steps for Self Motivation
Self motivation is often what separates success from failure. It can help you to break bad habits like over eating or smoking. Self motivation can help you to achieve great things, like running a marathon or securing... - Found February 23, 2009
Are You Doing What You Love To Do?
We respectfully read the inscriptions in the granite surrounding the WWII Memorial. We were both moved by the words about our flag forever standing for freedom and fortitude. We headed toward the Korean War Memorial and... - Found July 03, 2008
Cancer Support System
Three years ago my mother found out she had breast cancer. Two years later, my father found out he had prostate cancer. I've always considered myself a very healthy specimen. I was even rewarded an Olympic medal to... - Found June 30, 2008
From Rolling Dough - To Rolling In Dough - An Entrepreneur Redefines Failure and Succeeds
Tom Monaghan has had at least a hundred "excuses" for failing in business--from growing up in orphanages and detention homes, to starting a business with no business sense, expanding too soon, going broke, losing... - Found October 09, 2008
From Zero to $15 Million - She Believed in Herself - Not the Experts
They say that "everybody's a critic," and that never seems more true than when you're pursuing a dream and trying to enlist support. There will always be well-meaning people who want to "protect" you from your... - Found June 27, 2008
Let The Games Begin
I dreamed of being an Olympian since I was five years old when I saw Nadia Comaneci score a perfect 10 in gymnastics. But it would be another 18 years before it would become a reality. After all the years of hard work,... - Found June 28, 2008
Making Myself Accountable: Series I
Imagine hurtling down a ski slope at 40 miles per hour. You lift off a 73-degree ramp that rockets you some 55 feet above the rapidly disappearing powder below. You perform a series of seemingly impossible twists,... - Found September 21, 2008
Making Myself Accountable: Series II
A world champion with a problem Within a year of my Lillehammer disappointment, I was named world champion. Wanting to stay atop the aerial skiing world once again in 1996, I pushed myself harder and harder. But,... - Found September 10, 2008
Making Myself Accountable: Series III
Put it in writing I mapped out each hour, each day and each week, setting goals for myself. As I accomplished one goal I'd move on to the next. It was critical that I put those goals in writing. When they're... - Found June 28, 2008
My Favorite Christmas Memory
Growing up, I never thought that anything could top reindeer hooves on the roof, Santa Claus popping down the chimney, and an enormous mountain of colorfully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. And to be... - Found September 10, 2008
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