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10 steps to help you get a great night's sleep
1. Make a list of what you need to do the next day, write it all down and keep that paper and pen near your bedside in case you think of anything else you need to do. When you write things down your giving your brain... - Found November 02, 2008
10 Ways to Manage Stress
Stress can do a lot of things to a person. The one thing that it should never be allowed to do though is control a person's life. Most people who are unable to handle the stress associated with everyday life tend to... - Found October 09, 2008
Are Your Thoughts About Your Body Holding You Back From Success?
When someone joins my personal coaching program, one of the first things I ask them to do is to describe exactly what their body is going to look like once I help them reach their goal weight. I ask them to do this in... - Found November 02, 2008
Break through almost any obstacle...
I know we’ve spoken time and time again about the importance of visualizing yourself (every day) having already achieved your goal body, and actually seeing yourself enjoying life in your new body. Those of you... - Found December 10, 2008
Eight Tips on How to Turn Back Time
While these tips can't give you more time to relax at home, or an extra week of vacation, you'll find that with a little bit of thought and determination, you can definitely set back your aging clock. Your body will... - Found December 10, 2008
How Much Sleep Do You Need?
We sleep for about a third of our day, and whether you love catching those z's or you wish that you didn't have to bother with it, you can't deny that we need it. Sleep gives your bodies a chance to heal and rest, and... - Found June 30, 2008
How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Break Through All the Obstacles That Have Held You Back in the Past
Ok – let’s do this… Take out a pen and paper and quickly write down what your top 3 goals are, or the top 3 changes that you’d like to make in your body shape over the next few months. You might write out a specific... - Found February 03, 2009
Looking At the Big Picture and Liking What You See
As time goes on, scientists are beginning to take a good look at the whole picture presented by a person's health and they are beginning to realize that the old adage "one is all, all is one" applies more often than... - Found June 27, 2008
Reducing Blood Pressure
Despite Advances in drug treatment, hypertension (high blood pressure) continues to be a major health problem for Americans and people in other industrialized countries. More than 25% of all people in the U.S. who are... - Found June 15, 2008
The Connection Between Exercise and Youth
Many people often wonder how exercise, something that can feel tiring and essentially involves the hard use of your body, can possibly help you look and feel younger. If you are a little bit reluctant to get involved in... - Found June 27, 2008
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