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Game Meats Recipes

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Slow Cooked Squirrel
Ready Time: 8 Hrs 20 Min
"This stew recipe is for those of us who are hunters and are more of the country ilk. It is easy that you can go to work while it simmers in your pot and when you return home, dinner is ready."
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Slow Cooker Moose Roast
Ready Time: 8 Hrs 10 Min
"I had a moose roast sitting in my freezer for a couple of months, because I had no idea how to cook it, not being a wild game fan. A friend suggested this method of cooking it and it was delicious. I made it at Christmas along with the turkey, thinking my guests could have a taste and I wouldn't have to feel guilty about it being in my freezer anymore, but it was the hit of the dinner!"
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Slow Cooker Shredded Venison for Tacos
Ready Time: 1 Hr
"I use a venison roast with taco seasonings to make shredded venison tacos. It's a great alternative to beef and my family just loves them. Serve with the taco shells, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, taco sauce and anything else you like on your tacos."
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Slow Cooker Squirrel and Liver
Ready Time: 6 Hrs 30 Min
"Winter in Mississippi means wild game and slow cooking! Try this delicious variation on squirrel. The beef liver brings out the amazing natural flavor of the squirrel, while repressing the 'gamey' taste. Serve with malt liquor."
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Slow Cooker Venison Roast
Ready Time: 6 Hrs 10 Min
"Venison roast slow cooked with onion, creamy mushroom soup, a dab of this and a spice of that. Simple, tasty way to enjoy that game meat."
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Squirrel Legs
Ready Time: 1 Hr 30 Min
"This is my own recipe for the greatest tasting squirrel legs. This gourmet recipe makes a great main dish on any occasion."
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Steak N Gravy
Ready Time: 1 Hr 30 Min
"Try this one on for size if you love shrooms, otherwise omit them. This is my husband's favorite (and we eat game at least 3 nights a week). Serve with rice or mashed potatoes, and green beans. Now THIS is good eatin'!"
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Summer Sausage
Ready Time: 3 Days 6 Hrs 20 Min
"This recipe uses venison and breakfast sausage. Takes four days to make, but well worth it!"
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Sweet-and-Sour Elk
Ready Time: 1 Hr 25 Min
"Baked elk steaks smothered with a simple, savory sauce is a special dinner we've enjoyed for years. My husband, Ralph, and I used to do quite a bit of hunting, so I accumulated lots of terrific recipes like this one. -Susan Bowdle, Ephrata, Washington"
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Tender Goose Saute
Ready Time: 3 Hrs 10 Min
"Marinated goose breast cooked on the stove top for hours with butter, celery and onions. Tender! Also good with green peppers."
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