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For More Muscle Mass, You Need To Get Off Your...Uh...Booty!
If your goal is to pack on more muscle, a lot of guys get too caught up in what I call "super-isolating" their muscle groups. I'm talking about exercises like seated dumbbell curls, seated preacher curls, dumbbell... - Found August 07, 2008
Gain Muscle In Your Living Room: In-home training, part 1: Lower Body
When weight training really became accepted by the masses in the early 1980's, Nautilus training was the "in thing." Arthur Jones developed a line of machines and protocol for using them that was, and still is, a very... - Found June 28, 2008
Get Big Muscles In 3 Simple Steps
Do you know what it really takes to build big muscles? Do you think it's as simple as buying a gym membership, training each body once per week, slamming back some protein shakes and trying to eat as much chicken and... - Found June 28, 2008
Help! Help! I Just Ate A Carbohydrate!
I think I finally realized that the low carb craze spreading across the globe has ultimately reached a level of obsession when I was standing next to my car at a local convenient store, pumping gas. While listening to... - Found June 12, 2008
How a Cardio Fanatic Finally Got Her 6-Pack Abs
Everyone thinks you have to do tons of cardio workouts to get abs. But that's not true. In fact, if you stop cardio and change your workouts, you'll get your 6-pack abs faster! Let's find out how on - Found June 23, 2008
How Can I Control My Hormones?!?
Here is another letter from a reader...and this is something you absolutely need to know about.... "Jon, my hormones are a mess. I remember you mentioning something you have coming up for hormones or for menopause.... - Found August 23, 2008
How To "Time" Your Diet For Faster Muscle Growth
It's true that the grueling workout you've invested at the local "iron jungle" will stimulate your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. But ultimately it's your diet that will provide the "building blocks" for this new... - Found December 10, 2008
How To Build Big Biceps
The "Guns." The "Pythons." "Thunder" and "Lighting." The "Rockweillers." There is no other muscle group that has earned more nicknames than when describing a bulging and huge set of bicep! Bulging biceps - every guy... - Found October 07, 2008
How To Build Bigger Biceps In 3 Easy Steps ANYONE Can Follow
Clint Eastwood wouldn't have been a very intimidating Dirty Harry if all he pulled out was a little .22 caliber pistol to make his point. He knew that to really make the bad guy's knees shake and the lady's legs quiver,... - Found January 05, 2009
How To Build Muscle And Gain Weight Quickly Part 2
Do you mind if I be frank and ask you a honest question? If you had to transform your body which required you to know how to build muscle and gain weight quickly, and you only had a few weeks, could you step up to the... - Found August 23, 2008
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