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How Can I Control My Hormones?!?

By John Benson Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
Here is another letter from a reader...and this is something you absolutely need to know about....

"Jon, my hormones are a mess. I remember you mentioning something you have coming up for hormones or for menopause. Will this help my husband as well? He's suffering with chronic fatigue and low testosterone."

"Also, is this a pill? A drug? Thanks...Cindy DeSalle" (name changed for privacy)

Hi Cindy,
Since you're a member of Fit Over 40 (and thank you), you will be receiving the first notice in about 10 days for a product I've worked very hard on all year called NaturaPause™ (that's 'natural' and 'pause'...naturapause) with Dr. Holly Lucille, the Beverly Hills hormone expert.

She treats the vast majority of her patients naturally. However, it's not a "here's a pill" approach - in fact, there are not supplements for sale on the site, although there are dozens she recommends in the series, all for various conditions (you don't need dozens... : )
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This is THE most holistic approach I've ever seen - it is covered in 6 audio CDs, Holly's own book (soft copy, not an e-book), and multiple e-book bonuses. Rather than looking for a magic pill (that never works), Holly uncovers how she works through the issue of hormones, menopause, andropause, chronic fatigue, high insulin, and many other endocrine issues using a 1-2-3 approach that's 100% natural.

This involves how you think, rest, eat and the supplements you take - all geared toward lowering "environmental estrogens", and regulating the estrogen both men and women have naturally, to reduce or eliminate these hormonal problems.

Once you hear the very FIRST CD, your perspective will change drastically - and you'll see how misleading the drug approach can be to this problem.

This will be announced in about 10 days - stay tuned.
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