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Top 10 Exercises For People Too Busy To Exercise

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: December 10, 2008
As you begin to explore all the possibilities associated with enhancing your mind, body, and overall lifestyle - increasing the amount of exercise you receive on a daily basis is a must! Not only does exercise release completely harmless chemicals into your system, but you're also able to maintain your body weight, sculpt those abs you've always wanted, or shed the extra 'Christmas cookie' pounds.

However - in this day and age - the ups and downs regarding school, family, work, household, money, friends, and extracurricular commitments can make finding the time to squeeze in a bit of cardio seem impossible. In order to reclaim your youthful zest for life and boost your energy levels at the same time - you should definitely take a timeout to consider the many different exercises geared towards people on the go. Below you will find ten exercises you can easily incorporate into your hectic schedule:

1) Take Advantage of Your Chair

Some people spend hours upon hours in their chair at work - often overlooking the infinite exercise possibilities. Work your abs and hips by twisting side-to-side throughout the day. Vary your movements by rotating your neck and rolling your shoulders.

2) Mini -Kitchen Workout

While you're waiting for your water to boil for dinner or have just popped in a microwave popcorn - don't ignore all the exercise opportunities found within your kitchen. Heavy canned goods and liters of bottled water make decent dumbbells for when you're ready to add shape to your arms. Simply grab a can (or bottle) of equal weight in each hand and with arms at your sides - bring both upwards to where your hands meet over your head. Repeat until your water boils or your popcorn is complete.

3) Inner Thigh Crunch

The next time you sit at your desk, tuck a full water bottle between your knees and with abs tucked in - gently squeeze. The tighter the pinch - the more sculpted those thighs and abdominal muscles become.

4) Take the Stairs

Add a twist to this classic exercise tip by taking two steps at a time to really stretch your glutes, thighs, and calves.
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5) Elevator Resistance

Did you know that balancing on one leg qualifies as resistance training? Every trip on the elevator can become a motivating exercise when standing on just the right leg when going up and switching legs when going back down. In the end, your quadriceps and hamstrings are forced to work overtime.

6) Maximize Your Driving Time

Make better use of traveling in the car when you take the time to add a little exercise. Try tucking in your ab muscles each time you use your brake. Make sure to hold the contraction until it's time to start moving again. Just imagine the workout you'll receive in rush hour traffic!

7) Work Your Gluteus Maximus

Squeezing your glutes (butt muscles) each time you ride an escalator or elevator can help work out the largest muscle in your body.

8) Countertop Push-Ups

How quick and easy is it to complete 20 upright push-ups using your kitchen countertop, as you finish cooking dinner or simply visit the refrigerator in the middle of the night?

9) Stretch Those Legs

Pull your shoulders back and tuck in your abs, as you make it a habit to rise slowly from any seated position. The ideal amount of time to spend on this mini-exercise is four counts going up and four counts when you return. The longer you take - the harder your leg muscles are forced to work. In the end, your glutes, pelvis, thighs, and abs will certainly thank you.

10) Kick Up Your Heels

At some point in the day - dishes need washing, which creates the perfect entryway to yet another quick exercise. Instead of running the dishwasher, stand at the sink and manually clean the dinner dishes while kicking your legs back (as if you're trying to reach your butt). As a result, you will work the front and back of your thighs, and also get your heart pumping.
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