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Do You Really Need "Cardio" Workouts?
In this article, I have an intriguing discussion about cardio workouts, which will hopefully get you thinking differently, and trying new things. You may know I've been called the anti-cardio guy before, but this week... - Found October 09, 2008
Effective Home Exercise Strategies for the Busy Modern Women
A good home exercise program is the key to fitting an effective fitness routine into a tight schedule filled with career demands and family responsibilities. With so many women falling victim to the 'real world' effects... - Found September 07, 2008
Exercise Helps After A High-Fat Meal: Study Shows Improved Arteries in 45 Minutes
Perhaps you saw the headlines: "Just one high-fat meal can damage arteries!" Kinda scary, isn't it? Well, not all is as it appears. While there is tremendous promise in this research, unfortunately it's being conducted... - Found August 23, 2008
Fake Plastic Emails: The Estrogen Factor
There's a bogus email that's making its rounds yet again. I'm not sure if the intention was pure or purely malicious in nature, but either way, it's scaring the heck out of a lot of people. Like so many chain letters,... - Found August 23, 2008
Fast Or Slow Repetition Speed...Which Works Best For Building Muscle And Strength?
Lifting tempo is the technical term for how fast (or slow) you lift and lower the weights during a rep. Lifting tempo has a couple of other aliases, lifting speed and rep speed to name two. A rose by any other name as... - Found December 10, 2008
Fat Burning Bodyweight Circuit Exercises
When you travel, you worry about missing your workouts and eating poorly...So you must plan ahead for both (apples and almonds for planes, trains, & automobiles)...and bodyweight circuits for "no-equipment fat... - Found October 07, 2008
Fat Burning Exercise Tips for Busy Parents & Professionals
The great thing about strength training and intervals for fat burning is "efficiency". Because you are working harder, the signal to your body to change is stronger. You cut time when you increase intensity and you burn... - Found June 24, 2008
Fitness for Busy Women - How to Find the Right Exercise Video for You
The key to fast and permanent fitness success depends very highly on your choice of fitness videos. With tens of thousands of them to choose from, how do you know which video is right for you? The choices are endless... - Found June 24, 2008
Five Secrets to Building Muscle Tone People Will Notice
As a woman, exercising can be difficult, but not because it is hard to do. Many women are afraid to do a vigorous enough workout to get their heart rate up and build muscle tone because they are afraid that they will... - Found August 23, 2008
Flexibility Secrets
Here’s an excellent list of different stretches that should be an amazing help to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility… The different types of stretching are: 1. ballistic stretching 2. dy - Found June 07, 2008
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