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Effective Home Exercise Strategies for the Busy Modern Women

By Joey Atlas Contributor
Updated: September 07, 2008
A good home exercise program is the key to fitting an effective fitness routine into a tight schedule filled with career demands and family responsibilities. With so many women falling victim to the 'real world' effects of fitness failure - it's no wonder how you can wake up one day and realize how horribly you have let yourself go. Or maybe you are a new beginner to fitness and are interested in the possibility of finding an effective home exercise program that blends well with your hectic lifestyle.

Time is a factor we all must manage - but for many women the scarcity of time seems to be an obstacle preventing the experience of fitness success. The idea of traveling to the health club and spending ninety minutes working out just isn't a realistic concept and warrants a better, more realistic solution. Home exercise planning is that better, more realistic solution.

Now don't panic, because a successful home exercise program is not dependent on an expensive and elaborate home gym set up.

A sound home exercise program is one that allows the user to workout with minimal, or no equipment while still getting the results one expects to get in return for their efforts. A mat, an exercise ball and a simple utility step - is all that a woman should need to get visible results and improvements in health and fitness.

The concept of home exercise has been around for many years and is responsible for billions of dollars in sales of home exercise equipment and fitness videos. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these home exercise tools end up as garage sale inventory, donations to charity or 'gifts' to friends or neighbors.
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Home exercise success does not come from the fitness product itself. Wise shopping and consistent use of the home exercise tools or dvds you have chosen are the key elements in permanent fitness success.

Weights and home exercise machines are only one way to pursue fitness at home - but they are not the best nor are they the only way. 'Leg-warmer' style aerobic programs are fine for cardiovascular conditioning - but for many they are tacky, annoying and boring.

In all my years of working with clients, as a personal trainer specializing in home exercise programs, it was always clear that the people who got the best results were the ones who learned how to workout with either minimal or no exercise equipment. The reason for this was that when they went out of town on vacation or on business - they never had the excuse of 'not having access to a fitness center'.

As long as there is some floor space - any woman, no matter her fitness level or experience, can go through a home exercise program that not only feels like a decent workout but also delivers real improvements in fitness of the mind, body and spirit.

Many women get into the false mindset of 'fitness being achieved only if a strenuous and time-consuming workout regime is adhered to at the expense of all other aspects of her life'. The truth, however, is that a properly structured home exercise program can deliver all the benefits and improvements that a traditional 'gym type workout program' can deliver in less time with less wear and tear on the body.

Besides keeping you looking sexy and feeling good, a home exercise program will keep you healthy, fit and strong so that you are better at everything you do. Your work productivity improves, your obligations as a mom and wife are easier to manage and you are investing in your long term wellness and longevity so you can be there for your family in the long run.

Your home exercise program benefits everybody. This should be all the motivation you need to get started today.
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