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A 100% Fool-Proof, GUARANTEED Technique For Busting Through ANY Bodybuilding Plateau!
Not many things irk me more than seeing some idiotic article in a magazine or newsletter that says something like... " bust your biceps through that training plateau, try this workout: 45 sets x 20 reps of dumbbell... - Found August 07, 2008
A Quick Bodybuilding "Trick" To Lift More Weight...INSTANTLY!
How would you like to INSTANTLY be able to lift 10-20% more weight on your very next set of Bench Press, Pulldowns, Curls, or Pushdowns? Yes, that's right...INSTANTLY lift more weight! Well, here's a little known... - Found December 10, 2008
A Short Tip To Build Muscle Mass In Your Shoulders...QUICK!
Tired of the same old SHOULDER ROUTINE and want to try something "different"? Check out this fast and effective advanced technique that will leave your shoulders ready to rip right through your skin... 1. First,... - Found August 07, 2008
A Special Interview With "The Hormone Helper" Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D., R.N.
One of the greatest benefits of my job is the privilege of speaking with the best of the best in the fields of fitness, medicine and health. What a great way to stay motivated! Here is a great example - my latest... - Found August 23, 2008
Advanced Bench Press Training Tip For A Bigger Chest!
Today, I want to share with you a VERY common mistake most people make when training their chest... Ignore this info at your own peril! The difference in muscle fiber stimulation is IMMENSE! Here's what I'm talking... - Found October 07, 2008
Advanced Bodybuilding...Sometimes Less = More!
Bodybuilding is a unique sport. In order to advance efficiently, you must do less, but with greater intensity. To build muscle and strength beyond normal capacity, three specific phases must occur. * Stimulation *... - Found October 07, 2008
Alpha Male Rules For Working Out In A Busy Gym!
I'll admit that I'm NOT the most "politically correct" member at my local gym. No, I don't spit in the water fountain or hang out in the doorway of the ladies' yoga class drooling. I don't sweat all over the bench and... - Found January 05, 2009
An Insane Exercise That Builds A MASSIVE Chest!
I hesitate to even write this article for 3 reasons... One, because it's one of my SECRET weapons for building a massive chest; Two, I've historically saved it for the EXCLUSIVE privilege of my clients in the Optimum... - Found August 07, 2008
Are Your Gains Muscle or Fat? 5 Easy Steps to Finding Out!
How do you know if your current bodybuilding program is working or not? Well, most guys and gals use a combination of the mirror and the scale. However, both of these methods can be deceiving to say the least. The... - Found June 12, 2008
Avoid Building Muscle - The Wrong Way! Part 1
How would you feel if you discovered that almost everything you were doing with building muscle was dead wrong? Imagine all the time, money and effort you have spent in the gym was contributing to building muscle... - Found June 28, 2008
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