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A Short Tip To Build Muscle Mass In Your Shoulders...QUICK!

By Jeff Anderson Contributor
Updated: August 07, 2008
Tired of the same old SHOULDER ROUTINE and want to try something "different"?

Check out this fast and effective advanced technique that will leave your shoulders ready to rip right through your skin...

1. First, hightail it to the dumbbell rack and pick up a set that will allow you to perform about 8-12 repetitions of a LATERAL RAISE.

Let's say you used 25 lbs...

2. Once you've hit exhaustion, rack the weights and pick up a slightly lower amount of weight (we'll say the 20's) and IMMEDIATELY start pumping out as many Lateral reps as you can (you may only be able to do 3-5).
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3. When you can lift no more, rack the weight and pick up the next set down the line (you may have to skip the 15's at this point and go straight for the 10's - not a problem!).

Hit as many reps as you can before exhaustion.

4. Keep working your way down the rack in this fashion until the only thing you can lift is AIR!

That's set of these and you're DONE!
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