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A 100% Fool-Proof, GUARANTEED Technique For Busting Through ANY Bodybuilding Plateau!

By Jeff Anderson Contributor
Updated: August 07, 2008
Not many things irk me more than seeing some idiotic article in a magazine or newsletter that says something like...

" bust your biceps through that training plateau, try this workout: 45 sets x 20 reps of dumbbell curls...then 30 sets x 15 reps of barbell curls...then 100 sets x 1,000 reps of preacher curls"

Ok, so I'm exaggerating just a little. But I think you get my point.

The fact is that if you've reached a point where a muscle group has STOPPED showing gains, chances are you've ALREADY been busting your ass in the gym to the point where your muscles can't fully recover and grow new tissue.
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Now, are you ready for my 100% GUARANTEED technique for REALLY busting through that plateau? Ok, here you go...


Gee, what a novel concept! Work LESS...gain MORE! But how can this be?

It's simple! Your muscles are desperately trying to do what you want them to, but if you've been overtraining them even a LITTLE, they'll hold out longer than that snobby brunette in yoga class.

After a good week out of the gym with NO workouts (but be sure to keep your high-protein diet on track) I PROMISE that when you get back into the gym you'll be able to lift even MORE weight than you would if you'd kept up your program, and your muscles will reward you with a new surge of growth!
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