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Top Flexibility Exercises

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: January 05, 2009
Many of you know me as the founder of the National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center.

In the research center, we study all the different programs, tools, tips, and techniques out there … to determine exactly which ones work “time and time again” to get the user real results, as opposed to all the poor information out there which rarely gets anyone any results – and sometimes even hurts the user.

Unfortunately, in today’s society we’re faced with an epidemic of misinformation, and I once heard it said that “mis”-information leads to being “mis”-formed. And that’s so true.

So all the scientists and researchers associated with the National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center have spent years studying all the books, audio’s, etc and distilling the best aspects of all these systems into an easy to understand format – and that’s what we cover in my bi-monthly free teleseminars…
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Our focus during my last teleseminar was specifically on ways to increase your flexibility…

The title of that teleseminar was: “9 Easy Ways To Make Tight, Rigid Muscles Loose, Flexible, and Strong…Even If You Have No Time, No Experience & Absolutely Hate Stretching!”.

And during that live event we had a special guest…

Someone who shares my deep passion for helping people get far more out of life by making small changes and getting big results from those changes.

Joining me during that call was Smiley Elmore, a former American Gladiator, a bodybuilding champion, a martial artist, a 3-year member of the world-renowned John Jacobs Power Team – someone who’s been seen on national television, like Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, and Good Morning America, and also in national magazines like People, Charisma, New Man, and USA Today…

…all this because he’s mastered the discipline to manipulating his body by using simple exercises and stretches like I’m about to share with you here.

Smiley offered to let me re-print a stretch sheet that he uses with his personal clients, and I’d like to give that to you now…

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