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Top Flexibility Exercises

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: January 05, 2009
SMILEY’S STRETCH-SHEET (“Hold” each stretch for 20 - 30 seconds each)

1. Place one hand flat on a wall or sturdy frame with arm totally extended
Turn hips and body away from wall/frame– Switch arms

Hold onto a strong vertical post/frame with one hand (or both hands)
Lean back with arm(s) totally extended, allowing weight to pull you back against gravity
Hold and switch arms if doing one at a time

1. Hold arm straight out, while grasping fingers with opposite hand
Pull on your fingers until you feel a good stretch in biceps and hold– Switch arms
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1. Reach over head, while bending your elbow down towards your head
Pull your hand behind your head with opposite hand and hold– Switch arms

1. While standing, reach back with your right hand
Pull your right heel up to your buttocks and hold– Switch legs
2. Stand in front of a seat that is just below waist-level high
Bend your right leg back and place the top of your toes on the front edge of seat
Sit down on your heel and hold– Switch legs

Place heel on a seat or wall that is about waist-level high or higher (depending on flexibility) Lean your face down towards your leg until you feel a good stretch and hold– Switch legs
While standing, reach down and touch your toes and hold

Step against a frame/wall with one foot at an upward angle, with other foot planted behind you for support– Lean into frame/wall and hold– Switch to other calf

Lie flat on your stomach
Keep your hips and lower body flat
Push your upper body up from the floor and hold

This stretch program, along with the flexibility notes I shared with you on Monday, should easily help you begin living life in a healthier, more flexible body.

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