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A Quick Bodybuilding "Trick" To Lift More Weight...INSTANTLY!

By Jeff Anderson Contributor
Updated: December 10, 2008
How would you like to INSTANTLY be able to lift 10-20% more weight on your very next set of Bench Press, Pulldowns, Curls, or Pushdowns?

Yes, that's right...INSTANTLY lift more weight!

Well, here's a little known "TRICK" I learned that will help you do just that...
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Right before you get ready for your lift, stetch your targeted muscle group's ANTAGONIST muscles!

("Antagonist" means that muscles' "opposite" muscle group: chest vs. back; biceps vs. triceps)

For example, before you get ready to knock out a set of Bench Presses, FIRST stretch your BACK muscles (your "lats") right before you lay down on the bench.

You'll find yourself IMMEDIATELY stronger in your lifts!

Simple...but an EFFECTIVE technique to help you power through those sets a bit stronger...and maybe even jack up your muscle gains a smidgen more!
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