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How Soon Is Now - When Is It Time To Ask Her Out?

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: January 05, 2009
  • Pick your spots when asking a woman out. If you see a woman you are interested in, don't bother her if she just met up with a group of her friends. This applies anywhere, especially in bars and nightclubs. Give her time to catch-up with her friends before you make your move. Wait until she heads for the bar, or gets split up from her friends. Like a shark in the water baby, you have to strike when she least expects it.
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  • Keep the first date (or the first few dates) short in terms of time. Take the time to get to know a person, but know that you don't have to learn everything about them in one date. Keep the first few dates simple by planning out one activity. Dinner or a movie sound fine, but dinner and a movie might end up in long periods of awkward silence. Typically, an hour is a fair amount of time to spend on a first date. If things work out, there will be plenty of time for longer dates.
Asking a woman out on a date can be a complicated thing, especially since there are so many factors to consider. Still, if you want her to say yes, you have to take everything from the woman's mood and her work schedule, to the time and place for a date into consideration before you ask her out. It seems that timing is in fact everything when it comes to dating, and finding the right time to ask a woman out on a date is just about the smartest move a man can make.
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