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By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
Dates can be hilariously bad or highly promising, but the thing that they all have in common is that they end! No matter how smooth you are, or how good the date has been, even the most experienced veteran of the battle between the sexes can have trouble at the end. To avoid awkwardness, there are a few steps that you should keep in mind. Think about these steps at the end of your date, and you'll find that things can go quite smoothly.

Don't Fight Over the Check

Instead of fighting over the price of dinner, use it as a gauge to learn a little bit about how the other person felt about the whole experience. For instance, if a woman decides that she would like dinner to be split up, it might be a good indication that she's just after a friendly, no-strings-attached sort of experience. Conversely, if you are having dinner with a man who insists on paying for the check, to the point of taking it away from you, it might be a sign that he's going to be overly-pushy about other things.

No Expectations

One of the reasons why the end of a date can be so awkward is that one person or the other feels that there are expectations that they might have trouble meeting, whether that concerns being invited upstairs for coffee or being asked for a second date. Whether you are male or female, remember that the end of the date, expecting nothing and getting better than you expected is the ideal. Be polite, say that you had a great time and while you can suggest a follow-up, never, ever assume that it will be forthcoming.
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Be Honest

Being honest is important whether you are asking a question or answering it. If you don't feel that there was a connection and especially if the date went less than well, decline the invitation for another. There's no need to go into all the gruesome details, but be firm. Though they might not thank you for it, it's always better know right away where you stand.

Set Your Limits Before the End of the Date

Think about where you want the date to end and stick with it. Don't be swayed; you came to the decision you did for a reason and the other person should respect it. If they don't respect it, you already know that this is not someone you want to spend time around. You'll find that the real keepers will respect your boundaries and be ready to take what you are willing to offer, whether that is a call later in the week or another date.

The Big Send-Off

When it's time to go, for men, offer to walk your date to her cab or her car. This gives both of you a good private opportunity to say what you want to say. For women, make a conscious decision on whether or not you want to be walked out and communicate this to your date. Above all, remember to be honest now, and escape having more awkwardness to deal with later.
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