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Be The Nice Guy - Beat The Bad Guys To The Finish Line

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: December 10, 2008
The saying goes that nice guys always finish last. For a guy trying to get a girl, it seems like the bad guys always end up going home with the hot chick. In movies and in real life, the good guys just can't seem to compete with whatever it is that the bad guys have to offer.

So the question is, what do the bad guys have that the good guys don't? But here's an even better question, where can we get whatever it is that the bad guys have? Let's analyze the first question then. What is it about the bad guys that women find so darn attractive?

For starters, bad guys are confident in just about every aspect of themselves. Bad guys know who they are, they love who they are, and they could really care less about what anyone else thinks about them - even when it comes to their looks. This, my friends, is pure unadulterated confidence. Good guys though, are often held back by a lack of confidence and shyness that often serves to make them go unnoticed by members of the opposite sex.
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Bad guys are also very interesting - both to men and women, otherwise we would not be writing about them. Bad guys lead interesting lives, and have interesting stories to tell. They tend to play by their own rules and do whatever makes them happy. Again, they could care less about what anyone thinks. Good guys on the other hand, tend to play by the rules, rarely taking chances and trying new things. This often makes for seemingly dull lives, and equally dull conversations during dates. Ever wonder why James Dean was so popular?

Bad guys, like bad girls, are a challenge, and everyone loves a challenge. Anything that is worth the challenge is worth the trouble getting there. Women chase after bad guys because there is always the possibility that they will lose them to something "bad". Getting the bad guy represents a fulfilling victory that no woman can resist. After all, if a guy is easy to get and keep, where's the challenge? Good guys on the other hand, are often easy to get, easy to manipulate, and easy to keep. Women looking for something exciting in their lives quickly get bored with a guy that doesn't make them work for anything.

Bad guys are also willing to take risks, and they encourage others to do the same. The percentage of bad guys to good guys is very low, which is why they can have such an effect on people whenever they do come around. A bad guy is willing to do things and go places that a good guy might not be ready for. For a woman, this creates an air of adventure and excitement that few can compete with. The constant feeling of not knowing what is coming next, or the idea of being involved with something dangerous is very thrilling, and often irresistible to most women. It's a factor that few good guys can compete with, as they tend to be more predictable and practical.

What can good guys do to compete with those terrible bad guys? The answer is simple: beat them at their own game. It's easy to say, and actually easy to do. Bad guys were not born with these qualities; they somehow acquired them over time in order to build themselves up. This is good news for all the good guys, since over time they too can pick up on those same qualities. Knowing what attracts women to these particular men should be enough to encourage the so-called good guys to work towards possessing the same qualities. Being confident, being willing to take risks (including possible rejection), developing as a person, trying new things and making women work to be with you can help a good guy compete with, and even beat, the bad guys at their own game.
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