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Looking For Love In The Sand

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: June 27, 2008
Other than bars and at church, there is no better place to meet women than at the beach. Under the right conditions, the beach can present you with a great opportunity to meet dozens upon dozens of beautiful women. Beware though because those beach bunnies come with a price, as does making an appearance at the beach. In fact, anyone who has ever gone to the beach looking for love will tell you that there is a certain set of rules and standards that you have to follow if you are going to have any type of success with the ladies at the beach.

The first steps to success at the beach actually take place far away from the beach, at the gym and at the salon.

  • Remember that at the beach, you are going up against men with abs, pecks, and biceps to spare. What does this mean for the average Joe? It means hitting the gym at least 2-3 months before the summer months and getting to work on those all-important muscles, unless you don't plan on taking your shirt off.
  • Once you're all pumped-up, its time to get rid of all the excess hair on your body. Remember, women at the beach want to look at your muscles, but they don't want to have to look through a jungle of hair to see them. A little bit of wax can go a long way towards your chances at love.
  • After the hair removal comes the tanning of the skin. No man ever had a chance at the beach looking like a piece of Styrofoam floating in the water. A couple of trips to the tanning salon and you'll be looking like a regular beach bum. Sessions at a tanning salon usually last about ten to fifteen minutes. Four to six sessions are usually enough to help get a man looking nice and tan.
Once you're prepped, you're ready to hit the beach, where an all-new set of rules and guidelines exist to help you succeed in meeting the woman of your dreams. Stay close to these suggestions and you just might find yourself snuggled up against your very own beach bunny.
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  • Remember that people, especially women, go to the beach to have fun. Yes the option to lounge in the sand and tan is always there, but for the most part, women make their way to the beach because they know it is a place to have a good time. Who she has a good time with it entirely up to you.
  • Most women at the beach are bored out of their minds and are just looking for the opportunity to have a little fun. Here is where you come in my friend. Never underestimate the power of a little thing called a Frisbee.
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