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Healthy After School Snacks

By Richard & Joey Marc Contributors
Updated: December 10, 2008
After school is your little one hungry for a snack? Do they run to the kitchen and grab any easily accessible packets of chips or candy bars? Follow these easy to make snacks:

Here are some ideas of fantastic after school nutritious snacks for kids!

Healthy Fruit Smoothies - just like a milkshake only healthy and full of fruit. For example: add milk, strawberries, banana and honey.

Fruit salad and yogurt - cut up some chunks of fruit and mix it in a bowl with yogurt. Or cut up some different fruits and place them on a plate, then have a separate plate with yogurt.Then dip the fruits in the yogurt and eat. YUM!

Home made muffins - make some home made muffins and add fresh fruits and fillers inside the muffins such as banana, sultanas, carrot.

Dips and sticks - cut up some carrot, cucumber, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and ham. Then have some fun dipping vegetables in some yummy dips such as hummus, cheese dip.
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Crackers with spread - crackers such as vita brits or cruskits are a fantastic snack for kids, simply add a spread such as jam or a filler such as cheese and tomato.

So next time you go to make an afternoon snack think twice before reaching for the chips or candy! Reach for some fruit, veggies or crackers instead!

Richard & Joey Marc the family health & Wellness duo created Marc Wellness International with the ambition to reach as many families world wide as possible with the aim of educating families on the importance of living a vibrant, fun, healthy life. Authors of their book Please Mum Don't Supersize Me which has created a huge media spotlight. Richard & Joey have they been featured on TV, radio and magazines.
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