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Vocation Fun For Kids!

By Richard & Joey Marc Contributors
Updated: December 10, 2008
Do you remember growing up as a kid and counting down the last days of school until summer vocation? I loved summer vocation, it was a time to go to the beach and swim all day long, play in the sand, go bike riding, roller blading and staying outside playing till late as the sunset.

However times have changed today, with the increase of technology in our fast paced society, many kids are more likely to want to hang out at home and play indoors with their computer or watch TV. Whilst these activities may be fun, it is also important that kids spend time during the summer vocation having fun outside with their friends being active.

Here are some Fun Vocation Activities kids can play this summer!

Sports and Games:
Beach volleyball, handball, shooting hoops in a basketball ring, bike riding, swimming at the pool or beach, surfing, snorkelling, bowling, skateboarding, Frisbee, tip, ball games, kite flying.

Join Together:
Get together with another family and enjoy games and a picnic at the park. Bring along some tennis balls and a cricket bat and have a game of cricket or play a game of mini-Olympics. Join together and form countries in your teams and choose different sports or events you like from the Olympics such as athletics - shot put (use a tennis ball instead of a real shot put), discus (use a Frisbee instead of a real discus), relays (run from one spot to another and tip the next person in line).

Join a local kids club or sports camp:
Kids Club and Sports Camps are great for kids during the school holiday period, as they interact socially with other children and learn a variety of different activities and skills. When selecting a sports camp ensure to select a sport that your child is interested in, so they will be excited about attending the camp.
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SUN CARE REMINDER: It does get hot in the summer, so when your kids are going outside they need to wear a hat and sunscreen. It is also important that they stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. A good idea is to have a water bottle with their favourite cartoon character on it (filled with water) which they can carry around with them especially when they go outdoors to play.

Richard & Joey Marc the family health & Wellness duo created Marc Wellness International with the ambition to reach as many families world wide as possible with the aim of educating families on the importance of living a vibrant, fun, healthy life. Authors of their book Please Mum Don't Supersize Me which has created a huge media spotlight. Richard & Joey have they been featured on TV, radio and magazines.
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