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By Richard & Joey Marc Contributors
Updated: December 10, 2008
Why is it that we as human beings always love a bargain? You can't tell me that there isn't one person in society who doesn't love to get value for money. But when it comes to SUPERSIZING, are we getting value for money in the long run?

Why is society continually making it difficult for us to live a healthy lifestyle? You go to the movies and the small popcorn doesn't even exist anymore suddenly the old medium size popcorn has replaced the small. Tell me where did the small popcorn size go?

And what about when you purchase gas? You go to pay for the gas, walk to the counter and are offered with deals like two candy bars for the price of one with your gas purchase. But it doesn't stop there, you are in the car driving home and you spot fast food restaurants and you know that if you step foot inside you are definitely going to get asked the big question "Would you like to Supersize for just a $1 more?" and you think "Ah why not?" it's a deal right? You are only going to pay $1 more and are going to receive so much more value! But in the long run if we continue to eat and eat, more and more and fall into the Supersizing trap then is it really going to work out cheaper for us? Or will our health suffer and the doctor's bills increase?

A Supersizing Society is a scary thought, but is it slowly becoming a reality. The effects of Supersizing and continuous availability and consumption of junk food is taking its toll, with Obesity skyrocketing across the world. Obesity is a wideworld problem that is not only affecting adults but is effecting our youth, our children! With alarming statistics of 155 million overweight children worldwide and studies now showing that kids of this generation will be the first who WON'T outlive there parents! It is shocking and it is scary...Yet many of us continue to line up and eat the junk food! WHY?

Is it convenience, is it that there are just endless amounts of fast food chains and junk foods presented to us absolutely everywhere we go, that it makes it almost difficult to eat healthy these days?
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Whatever the temptation, my question is "Is society Supersizing Us?" or simply "Is it us?"...Are we to blame for making the incorrect food choices and purchasing the food in the first place and eating it? But then there are marketing campaigns everywhere we go, convincing us to purchase their products, so are we being trained by what we see? or more importantly are we being educated the wrong messages?

Interesting isn't it, when you sit back and take a moment to think, do I truly make my own decision to go through the drive thru for fast food myself or is it that I saw the sign on the side of the highway and thought "Argh I can do with a snack, it's easier then cooking?"

Don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of eating unhealthy foods or opting for the latest deal of Supersizing for $1 more. It is in the small decisions we make in our daily life which can shape our future. It is important to keep motivated towards living a healthy life on a daily basis because if you make the choices to eat or snack on junk food daily this will effect your health in a negative way however if you make the choices to eat a well balanced diet combined with frequent physical activity this will make a difference in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Richard & Joey Marc the family health & Wellness duo created Marc Wellness International with the ambition to reach as many families world wide as possible with the aim of educating families on the importance of living a vibrant, fun, healthy life. Authors of their book Please Mum Don't Supersize Me which has created a huge media spotlight. Richard & Joey have they been featured on TV, radio and magazines.
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