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Speaking Body Language Fluently

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: June 27, 2008
Whether you're a woman who's new to the dating scene in a particular city or you've simply been out of action for a while, one way that you can quickly adjust and become successful at the dating game is to make sure that you pay attention to the body language of all of the people around you. Having a good understanding of body language, both your own and someone else's can tell you when you're in a good place with a man or when it's time to back off and start over with someone else.

It's All In The Eyes

Some people say that eyes don't lie, but it's important to realize what you're doing with your own. One great way to draw a man's attention is to look at him, then look away, and then look back again as if you can't help yourself. When you have his eye, smile and see if he walks over to strike up a conversation. The more eye contact he maintains with you, the more interested he is. If he likes what he sees, you'll be able to see his pupils dilate; this is essentially his body's way of taking in more light so he can see you better.

Turn, Turn, Turn....

When you're chatting with a guy, look at where his body is. Is it fully turned towards you? That is, is his chest squared up to you and his body is all pointing in one way? If his head is turned towards you, but his body remains exactly where it is, he might not be as interested as you hope. When you're talking with someone that you like, give him your full attention by being turned completely towards him.
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Bring Him Closer

One of the ways that you can make your interest extremely clear is through the use of your body language to bring him physically closer. There are several ways to achieve this. First, especially if you are at a loud party or club, lean forward to hear what he has to say. This shows that you want to listen to him and that he has your full attention. Then, when you use hand gestures, pull them in towards yourself. This is a great way to give him the hint that you wouldn't mind him closing the distance a little bit.

Be Vivacious

Essentially, this last step involves revealing a bright and attractive part of your personality. Stand up straight and remember to smile. Even if you are not naturally the life of the party, you will find that you are able to act like it. Laughing and smiling with trigger positive feelings in yourself as well as in other people, so if you can get a smile on your face, don't be surprised if it suddenly becomes real! Don't be afraid to just say "hi" and move on; think of it as planting seeds that will result in friendships and romance later on.
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