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How To Find A Good Date Online

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
There are many places to look for love or companionship, and one place that is helping people make connections is the internet! More and more people are meeting online, but just as in the the physical world, there are tips and tricks to helping it work in your favor. While there's a chance that you'll be the lucky one in a million who meets their soul mate on a forum or message board, chances are, you'll have better luck on a dating site. Take a look below for some ways that you can make your odds a little bit better.

1. Don't talk down about yourself!

Many people tend towards the modest when it comes to talking about themselves, but too often it comes across as poor self-esteem. If you can't find anything good to say about yourself, why would anyone else take a second look? While there's the risk that you'll come across as bragging, this is far preferable to having them think that you are simply undesirable in every regard. Have some confidence in yourself.

2. Make the first move.

Don't just wait for the emails to roll in. While there is a good chance that the people checking your profile might be compatible, there's also a chance that people you will find interesting have never seen your information. Do some browsing of your own, and if you see someone who looks promising, shoot off an email. The worst they can do is say no, and who knows? You might have found that special someone.
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3. Post a picture of yourself.

Personal ads with pictures get more responses. This is a fact. Get a flattering picture, but make sure it's a current, truthful one, as well.

4. Be gracious

If someone doesn't seem interested, don't be a jerk about it. If possible, leave on a compliment and try to leave the door open for friendship. You never know if they've got a friend that that would perfect for you!

5. Communicate honestly

If you get to know someone well enough, it's all going to come around eventually. Do you have a child? Are you interested in an open relationship? While you might not always put this information into your profile, be up front with anyone that you think you have a long term shot with. Don't get put into the awful situation of having to do a big reveal and having it go hideously.

6. Ask someone from your target demographic to review your ad

Show your ad to your friends and get some input. They'll be able to spot any errors or problems that you have missed and they'll be interested in helping you put out the best profile that you can. They might be able to add some great qualities that you never know you had!

There are lots of tricks to finding a date online. Head to to find a place where there are plenty of interesting people who are willing to talk to you about things from life to love and everywhere in between!
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