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Do What You Love AND Make Money At It! (Part 4 of 4)

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: July 03, 2008
It's been such a blessing for me to share these articles with you. As I look back over my successes I see one common denominator, and you've allowed me to share that with you in these words. The one constant to my personality is the indescribable passion to see people achieve all they were created to achieve, to help them get passed whatever is holding them back, to tap into their own passion and use the gift they were given to the fullest. While speaking in Toronto several weeks ago, while sharing with hotel staff in Germany, and while teaching in Vegas last week, I saw again how important this is.

In these articles I've answered the questions about balance (here's a link to that article if the subject is one that's important to you):

I've also addressed questions on Making Money While You Sleep, Profitable Weight Loss in Your Business and, today, Turning the Most Difficult People into the Most Productive.

Today is the fourth of our 4-article series. Today we'll talk about the questions I received regarding How to Turn the Most Difficult Employee into the Most Productive.
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1. They're not employees, but I still need your advice concerning them. I want so badly for the people I love (fiancé and children) to respond positively to ideas like The Secret and the Law of Attraction, but they told me they don't believe it and wouldn't even finish watching it. Is there anything else I can do for these important people in my life?

First, know that people can change their lives when they want to change them. Maybe the ideas The Secret offers seem too good to be true. I suggest two things. First, live out God's gifts yourself. They'll see it in your life. The reason the Law of Attraction works is because God's truths and His gifts are behind it. Second, start them out with something a little "easier to swallow". Fish Philosophy or Who Moved My Cheese are both great places to start! Read one of these short books, tell your family how amazing the story is and give them the book as a gift. Make sure when you tell them how great it is that you show how fun and how easy it is too

2. Have you done work along these lines with GoodLife Fitness?

I have spoken for GoodLife's Can-Fit-Pro conference several times (and LOVED it-you guys are AWESOME!). I'm looking to serve in the arena of helping teams become amazing.

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