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Do What You Love AND Make Money At It - Part 2 of 4

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: October 07, 2008
As I shared last week, when I look back over my successes I see one constant denominator. The indescribable passion to see people achieve all they were created to achieve, to help them get passed whatever is holding them back and to tap into their own passion. And while speaking in Toronto a couple of weeks ago I saw the same things again.

Last week I answered questions I received during the Victory Principle. They were mainly about balance. Here's a link to that article if the subject is one that's important to you, but you didn't get to read.

I also spoke on Making Money While You Sleep, Profitable Weight Loss in Your Business and Turning the Most Difficult People into the Most Productive. As I shared last week, when I looked over the questions it occurred to me very clearly that you might have some of these very same questions. So, I've been sharing the answers with you in these articles.

I'll do 4 articles total. Today's is the second in the series. And today we'll talk about the questions I received regarding the session Make Money Your Sleep. Things like how to get publicity create a mastermind group and more. Know this... whoever you are; whatever you do for a living, even stay at home moms... there is money to be made in your sleep.

Today I'll review 9 questions regarding making money in your sleep. They appear below with the answers.

1. How do I tie my passion to my present career together?
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I received several of these questions specific to certain passions and positions. I'm going to answer them specifically because it seems that seeing the tie-in is the most confusing for folks. Once you begin to do it though, be assured, it becomes very easy!

One person said, "I am a trainer and my passion is interior design. How do I start building my design business bigger?"

One suggestion would be to use one to build the other. People who invest in personal training also want the other parts of their lives to be the best. Let clients know you offer in-home parties for design. How about leading a ‘reshape your body while you redo your home theme'? I'm sure you can come up with some words you love. You could even tell people how many calories they're burning when shopping! How about ‘redecorate and lose your weight'???? The media would eat that one up!!! Video your in-home workshop and sell it as a product. At the end of that product sell private sessions.

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