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Do What You Love AND Make Money At It - Part 2 of 4

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: October 07, 2008
Remember your sales funnel.

Another person said, "I am a personal trainer, but also a financial planner and very creative. I need suggestions please."

Build your bottom line while you build up your body? That's a good one! Tie these two areas together with the aspects that connect them... Discipline, goal setting, etc. You could be the next huge unique thing to hit fitness in Canada! I have a CD program called Thin&Wealthy that is sold in Sam's and Wal-Mart across the states. Hmmmmmm...

How do I make money in my sleep as a massage therapist?

Create and sell product--both in hard copy and electronic version for the internet. Create niche programs on massage for couples, pregnant women, anti-aging--the baby boomer market is the largest buying market in the world right now!!

2. How do I learn more about making money while sleeping?

Come to a 2-day event; get hooked into our Healthy Hope E-zine or Yanik Silver's info. He has a product on information marketing that's great and 'you will make money in your sleep'... Our product is available for pre-launch now!!
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3. What places and dates are you speaking elsewhere?

What a sweet question--- thank you! I'll be in Las Vegas speaking at the entrepreneur conference at the Rio on September 5th and 7th. I'll be hosting another 2-day on the beach in Los Angeles California October. 6 and 7. I'm then in LA again at Claim Your Power Now the 12th, 13th and 14th. I'll be in NYC at a publicity summit October 24-27.

4. How do I fight discouragement?

Clear goals bring focus. Mastermind groups bring accountability and talent together. Bombarding your brain with positive, dream building, abundance thinking and most of all belief (unwavering faith)... It's the most important word in any language.

5. How do I locate a good mastermind group?

Google. Check your local chamber, create one yourself... Stay tuned to this e-zine, I'll be writing on how to create one.

6. How do you get free radio interviews?

Press releases that are really news releases sent on a weekly basis. You'll get noticed. Build yourself as the expert and tie your topic into current events that are big in the news.

7. How do I get on Oprah?

Publicity summit in NYC in October will have many producers there looking for show guests. Oprah likes things that are current... See answer #6 and keep sending them!

8. Have you been on Oprah?

No, I have never tried though. I believe I will. Over the last few years I've been growing a company, she favors authors, etc. rather than CEO's. Now that I have a larger company and quite a lot of product... Watch out Oprah, here I come!

Also, I now have many, many friends who have used this system and have been on Oprah.

9. May I please have a copy of your company's creed?

Here's the link: ENJOY!
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