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30 Day Metabolic (fat-burning) Makeover (Part 2)

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: June 07, 2008
OK, so last time we left off having agreed that it was time stop trying to lose fat the hard way and start teaching your metabolism what to crave so it’s always in fat burning mode.

So let’s pick up there…

Since the scope of this blog post is such that we cannot get too technical with testing each reader, we’ll make certain assumptions that have worked for my clients for years, and will work for those of you who diligently follow what is outlined in this fat loss blog.

Remember that before beginning any major dietary or lifestyle change you must first consult your physician and show him/her exactly what you plan to do, then, with their approval, you proceed. This program is no different, since it contains a host of state of the art, somewhat out of the ordinary techniques, you should first show it to your personal physician and get their approval before proceeding.
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Now remember, this is a training regimen, and as with all training it will seem difficult if not impossible at first.

To complete this training we will need to teach your metabolism what to crave, what to use as fuel, and what to discard as waste.

Our bodies now crave anything and everything that we enjoyed as kids. Unfortunately, our metabolism has made a 180 degree turn around in what it needs to survive since then. 99% of us have been eating primarily carbohydrate meals during our lifetime (breads, cereals, grains, pastas, fruits, and sugars). This has trained our systems to crave and use carbohydrates as fuel. Therefore whenever we consume carbohydrates our bodies believe that we are about to undertake a strenuous event.

We are, in essence, “Pavlov’s Dog”. It answers this intake, in part, by secreting a hormone known as insulin which will digest and use the newly acquired carbohydrates as energy or it will properly store the excess in the liver, the muscles, or as a last resort as body fat. The normal action currently taken by the body when faced with strenuous exercise is to first use some of the
carbohydrates from the stomach (the last meal eaten that day), then from the muscles, then from the liver.

To optimize our fat burning furnace we need to train our metabolism to go through a similar process whenever it sees fat, thereby using that intake of fat as energy rather than immediately storing it in our cells. Since our metabolism has been positively reinforced for using carbohydrates as energy for so long, this new transition may take a little work at first. But, rest assured, a successful transition will leave you with a body that uses stored fat as well as incoming fat as energy, it will chip away at cholesterol deposits, and it will provide a more abundant supply of vitamins A, D, E, and K for healthier hair and skin.
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