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30 Day Metabolic (fat-burning) Makeover (Part 2)

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: June 07, 2008
To accomplish this, one must gradually decrease their intake of carbohydrates, forcing the body to search for alternate sources of fuel. This decrease must coincide with a gradual decrease of fat intake and a simultaneous increase in protein intake to ensure that existing muscle is not burned as fuel. This process is not experimental, it has been proven to work, and to melt off fat.

When decreasing your intake of carbohydrates, first look at exactly what you’re eating by making a journal for the next 7 days, writing in that journal everything that enters your mouth (food, drink, snacks, gum, etc.). Then sit down in a quite place, where you’re sure not to be disturbed for 30 minutes and review what you’ve written. You’ll need to have 4 different colored markers near you for this project. Use one color for protein, and circle each and every item that is a major protein source (fish, meat, chicken, eggs anything that use to be alive and have eyes + eggs). Use another colored marker to circle all of the carbohydrates in your journal (carbohydrates are any food that originated from grains, grew from the ground, or is sweet tasting, like candy, cake or non diet soda).

Use a third color for fats and fat products (butter, margarine, oil, mayonnaise, margarine, spray oil products, etc.). And use the last colored marker to circle any items that are a combination of the other three, like fried foods (ex~fried chicken is a combination of protein and fat).
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Now review what color(s) dominates your list, my guess is that it s both, your carbohydrate color and your combination color.

Now over the course of the next 30 days, eliminate all of fats (including fats, fat products & fried foods), and don t say that your body needs some fats to survive, because unless you have some type of a medical condition that requires that you consume a certain amount of fat, you re going to be getting more than enough fat from the foods you eat WITHOUT adding ANY additional fat to your diet. Plus, now we re forcing your system to look to your body s stored fat for energy rather than looking only at the food in your stomach. Remember, your body stored the fat there for a valid reason. You were giving it so much for so long a period of time that it thought you would need it for something, so it stored it, your body was only doing it s job.

In addition to cutting out all of the added fat from your diet, over the next 30 days you must also lower your intake of carbohydrates. But we’re going to get a bit more technical for this category. You’re going to try to completely take out all breads, pastas, cakes, sweets, soda’s, and starchy vegetables (potato’s, beans, and avocados). But you’re going to drastically increase the amount of green leafy vegetables and other colorful vegetables like broccoli, peppers (red, yellow, green, etc), asparagus, cucumbers, etc, etc, etc. And to top this off you’re going to eat most of them in their fresh, raw state, and your going to try to get them from the organic section of your grocery store if you can.

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