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6 Fitness Secrets That Will Tremendously Improve Your Results!

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: October 07, 2008
3 BASIC changes in how you eat that will make dramatic results in your body’s ability to burn fat:

1. Increase your water intake to at least 1 gallon of Plain, Fresh water per day. Start your day with a full gallon jug, and just make sure you sip on it all day long, and before you know it, it will be gone and so will some body fat.

2. Increase the number of meals you eat each day to at least 5 or 6 small to medium sized meals.

3. Eat nothing but lots of raw vegetables and baked, steamed or broiled protein (like skinless chicken, fish, egg whites or lean red meat).

4 exercises that will help you change your body faster than any other exercises you may have tried in the past:

1. 100-rep squats (a detailed description of this exercise would take up too much space for this post so I’ll give you a full description of this exercise, and a lot more in just 3 days, in my next post – watch for it – it could change your life -it’ll definitely change the shape of your body)

2. Interval Training. Start out performing your favorite cardiovascular exercise like jogging on the treadmill. Warm up at a low pace for 5 minutes, then increase the speed and the inclination 50 - 100% for 2 - 5 minutes, then decrease the speed back down to your slower pace for 2 minutes. After that, continue to alternate from your slow pace for 2 minutes to your fast pace for 5 minutes until you=ve completed your full 30 - 45 minute training session. Remember to monitor your pulse the whole time. And if you feel faint or dizzy at any point, stop immediately.

3. Lunges with a barbell. Properly executed, this exercise is the king (or queen) of total body reshaping exercises.

4. Indoor rock climbing
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A secret way to relax that enables you to burn more fat:

The space here limits our ability to full explain this topic, but if you simply follow the exercise below, your body will relax far better and will burn body-fat at a more efficient rate than ever before. For more details review chapter 11 in Maximize Your Metabolism.

Perform the following breathing exercise no less than 3 separate times each day:

Sit and relax in a place that you will not be disturbed for a full 3 - 5 minutes, then…

1. Breath in for the count of 5 (fill your entire lower and upper lungs with air)

2. Hold that air in for the count of 20 (4 times as long as it took to breath that air in and completely fill your lungs).

3. Exhale to the count of 10 (2 times as long as it took to breath that air in and completely fill your lungs).

4. Repeat this breathing for 10 full breaths, then resume your day
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