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6 Fitness Secrets That Will Tremendously Improve Your Results!

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: October 07, 2008
What Supplements will have the BEST effects on your particular body:

WARNING!: Most supplements have LITTLE to NO effect at all on the general public! In fact, much of the money you’ve already spent on supplements may have been wasted! Today is the day to stop wasting your hard earned money. We spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money researching the top supplements out there and we’ll show you exactly what supplements will help you achieve the results you’ve wanted for so long, and which ones will have little or no effect at all on your body! Our list is updated regularly so check it out now at: Supplements - Click Here
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An exercise that continues to burn fat for up to 3 hours after you stop exercising:

Come on now … You know the answer to this one –it’s cardiovascular exercise!

Any cardiovascular exercise will continue to burn fat right off your body for up to 3 hours AFTER you stop exercising.

The best cardiovascular exercises are (in order):

1. Indoor Rock Climbing;

2. 100 Rep Squats (more about this in my next post);

3. Interval Training

4. Spinning Class;

5. High Intensity Group Exercise Classes

An exercise that builds up the strength of your metabolism so much that your body burns fat even while you sleep:

100 Rep Squats – I promise to use all the space in my next post to update you on how to perform this amazing, high-results exercise – or when I sit down to write about it, if I think it’ll be more beneficial for you, I’ll give you a report that details it in full.

Now is your time.

NOW … is your time!

Take action, and begin seeing results within days - not weeks, or months … days!

Take what I’ve shared with you here and use it to reach higher goals, then check back in 2-3 days for another killer weight loss, fat loss, metabolic enhancement post, including all the details about 100-rep squats!

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