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Apple Sausage Wagon Wheel
Ready Time: 40 Min
"The combination of apples and sausage in this casserole is great! I got this recipe from my sister. The wheat flour gives the recipe a great flavor."
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Apple Stuffed Chicken
Ready Time: 1 Hr 40 Min
"A friend served this chicken when we were over for dinner, and we enjoyed it so much I asked for the recipe. There are many chicken farms in this area, so I'm always on the lookout for new chicken recipes."
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Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast
Ready Time: 40 Min
"This is a great dish for the fall. Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Newtown Pippin, Rome Beauty and/or Winesap apples may be used."
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Applesauce/Sausage Waffles
Ready Time: 50 Min
"I can remember my mother preparing these hearty 'meal-in-one' waffles when I was growing up. Now I often make them for my own clan using eggs from our chickens, and homemade sausage and applesauce."
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Apricot Barbecued Chicken
Ready Time: 40 Min
"A sweet glaze made with apricot preserves and barbecue sauce covers these tender chicken chunks served over rice, 'This is such an easy tasty recipe,' promises Cindy Novak of Antioch, California. 'Best of all, our son Ryan loves it.'"
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Apricot Brown Sugar Ham
Ready Time: 1 Hr
"This succulent ham is a family favorite that I've adapted for my own tastes. This makes an amazing Easter dinner ham that complements many side dishes."
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Apricot Chicken I
Ready Time: 1 Hr 30 Min
"Tangy, fruity chicken made in just 3 easy steps! It's great served with rice."
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Apricot Chicken II
Ready Time:
"A fruity, tangy, baked chicken recipe with hardly any preparation! Serve with a mixed green salad if desired."
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Apricot Chicken III
Ready Time: 1 Hr 5 Min
"A very easy and delicious recipe for the whole family."
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Apricot Chops
Ready Time: 52 Min
"What do you get when you cross simple with delicious? Apricot Chops, of course! Simply choose your favorite vegetable or rice as an accompaniment, pop the chops in the oven, and enjoy this sweet and savory delight!"
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