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Asian Orange Chicken
Ready Time: 3 Hrs 20 Min
"A delicious citrus chicken recipe reminiscent of the orange chicken from a popular restaurant in the mall."
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Asian-Inspired Honey-Vanilla Chicken
Ready Time: 45 Min
"One day I had an extreme craving for Chinese food, mainly chicken. So... I decided to create my own 'Sesame-Sweet-Spicy-Sour-Styled-Asian-Inspired' chicken, and here it is."
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Asparagus Chicken
Ready Time: 2 Hrs 30 Min
"Chicken breasts marinated in white wine and herbs, then grilled and served with steamed asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Had it once in a restaurant, tried to recreate it for my wife and this is what I got."
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Asparagus Chicken Crepes
Ready Time: 1 Hr 10 Min
"With a saucy ham and asparagus filling, these savory crepes make a lovely dinner. They're a wonderful change of pace from everyday fare."
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Asparagus Chicken Divan
Ready Time: 45 Min
"I first came across this recipe at a restaurant while living in New York City many years ago. This makes a delectable dish for lunch or dinner served with a simple tossed salad. --Jeanne Koelsch, San Rafael, California"
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Asparagus Supreme
Ready Time: 55 Min
"My husband and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and trying new recipes. It's fun to create new dishes...especially when they're as successful as this one."
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Asparagus-Lover's Stir-Fry
Ready Time: 25 Min
"I find it a challenge to prepare vegetables so that they appeal to everyone...especially children. After tasting this special stir-fry, folks lean to love asparagus in no time."
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Attitude Chicken
Ready Time: 50 Min
"I created this recipe when I was 15 years old, which explains the name. It's actually chicken in a lemon sauce over egg noodles. Zingy, tasty, and very different! Everyone loves it. Serve with warm bread and butter."
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Aunt Teresa's Chicken
Ready Time:
"A hearty and aromatic dish, from Aunt Teresa's kitchen to yours! Great if served with rice."
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Aussie Chicken
Ready Time: 1 Hr 20 Min
"This recipe is very similar to a chicken dish served at a local well-known restaurant. A friend of mine was kind enough to share it. It includes chicken breasts topped with mushrooms, bacon and cheese cooked in a honey-mustard sauce."
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