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Almond Chicken Casserole I
Ready Time: 1 Hr 20 Min
"This dish refrigerates and freezes well, so it can be prepared ahead and stored."
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Almond Chicken Casserole II
Ready Time: 1 Hr 15 Min
"Mayonnaise and soup stirred into cooked chicken breast and rice with a little onion/celery saute, then topped with slivered almonds and cereal crumbs. Fantastic casserole. This recipe was catered in for my sister's wedding. Everyone wanted the recipe, it is sooo good!"
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Amazing Almond Chicken Casserole
Ready Time: 1 Hr 10 Min
"Amazingly Wonderful Almond Chicken Casserole! My grandmother made this for me, and I could not believe how wonderful it was. It is very rich and filling. It would be great for potlucks, or family reunions."
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Anthony's Chicken
Ready Time: 1 Hr 45 Min
"Lightly breaded chicken breast covered with a honey mustard barbeque sauce containing chopped bacon, diced tomatoes and onions. This dish is baked over pasta topped with Monterey Jack cheese."
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Asparagus Chicken Divan
Ready Time: 45 Min
"I first came across this recipe at a restaurant while living in New York City many years ago. This makes a delectable dish for lunch or dinner served with a simple tossed salad. --Jeanne Koelsch, San Rafael, California"
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Asparagus Supreme
Ready Time: 55 Min
"My husband and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and trying new recipes. It's fun to create new dishes...especially when they're as successful as this one."
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Aunt Teresa's Chicken
Ready Time:
"A hearty and aromatic dish, from Aunt Teresa's kitchen to yours! Great if served with rice."
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Awesome Chicken and Yellow Rice Casserole
Ready Time: 2 Hrs 15 Min
"This Cuban influenced dish has been a family favorite for generations! Chicken baked with onions, bell peppers, and water chestnuts, then added to prepared yellow rice makes this dish one you'll be asked again and again to make!"
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Aztec Casserole
Ready Time: 40 Min
"A chicken mixture with corn, chile peppers, cheese and sour cream gives this casserole the savory, zingy flavor of the Aztec gods: a combination of sun kings and corn culture. Sabor!"
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Baked Chicken Amandine
Ready Time: 55 Min
"On busy winter evenings, this saucy casserole is a minute-saving mainstay. Often, I serve it with twice-baked potatoes, salad and dessert. It's fine for family, company and potlucks."
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