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By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: December 10, 2008

My goal for is really very straight forward...

To help you reach your health, fitness, and weight loss goals...and to provide you with easy to follow strategies that you can immediately implement to maximize your metabolism, your energy, and your health beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped for.

I've been very successful in helping people, just like you, to reach their goals and to live life in the body of their dreams. But in doing so, I've created a lifestyle which leaves me limited time to spend on other passions like creating and manufacturing really helpful supplements that actually work.

So for the past 17 years, I've dedicated a portion of my time to researching through all the supplements that do not live up to their promises, and in turn, I've located a few that really do work, and work in a healthy, synergistic way.

You can rest assured that this is no pie-in-the sky fanciful information coming from marketers, supplement salespeople, or authors who make their money from selling their products; my team and I have sifted through all the lies and narrowed down your search for you.

I invite you to bookmark this website and return often whenever you need to order your supplements.

Here's to your health...
Christopher Guerriero

My Favorite Greens Drink

WHAT MAKES MEGA GREENS MSM™ DIFFERENT... Mega Greens plus MSM was formulated by Medical Doctors and is a special combination of 34 highly nutritious grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains, herbs, MSM, and alkaline-forming ingredients formulated to provide the body with nutrients and sustained energy.

Most other leading Green products do not have a comparable amount of organic and nutritional ingredients, and typically contain acid-forming ingredients such as chlorella, spirulina, corn silk, and various types of algae.

WHAT IS MSM & WHY IS IT USED? MSM (Methlsulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfer derived from plants. It is also naturally occurring essential nutrient found in healthy tissues and joints. MSM is known for its anti- inflammatory benefits because it helps reduce the rigidity of cells. MSM is blended with Mega Greens to increase the permeability of cell walls, allowing a greater amount of nutrients to enter cells more readily, and for greater energy.

INGREDIENTS... *Barley Grass, *Beet Root Powder, *Bilberry Leaf, Broccoli Powder, *Carrot Powder, *Dandelion Leaf, Garlic, *Ginger Root, *Red Raspberry Leaf, *Rosemary Leaf Powder, *Sage Leaf, Spearmint, *Spinach, *Olive Leaf, -Alfalfa Leaf, Alfalfa Sprouts Powder, Aloe 200:1, Barley Sprouts, Beet Leaf Powder, Cabbage Leaf, Celery, Kale, MSM, Okra, Parsley Leaf Powder, Peppermint Leaves, Shave Grass, Strawberry Leaf, Watercress Aerial Parts, Wintergreen Leaf, Cauliflower, Avocado, Cucumber, Green Tea Extract, L-Beta Carotene. Made with gluten free vegetarian capsules or concentrated powder

* 100% certified organic ingredients

Click here to learn more about Mega Greens plus MSM™

Metabolic Rx™ is a synergistic blend of glandular tissues, vitamins, minerals, herbs, digestive enzymes and antioxidants formulated to support the pancreas function and help regulate blood sugar levels. Metabolic Rx™ contains Vitamin A, a full spectrum of B Vitamins, and Vitamin C to help cells metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into fuel. The minerals Chromium, Selenium, Vanadium, and Zinc are included to help metabolize glucose and provide immune enhancement. The herbs Fenugreek, Bitter Melon, and Garlic have been added to help reduce blood sugar levels and decrease blood pressure. Metabolic Rx™ also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, an antioxidant, for increased sugar uptake by cells; and a digestive enzyme, Pancreatin, to help with the breakdown of starches and sugars from daily meals.

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Health-n-Soothe: Reduce Pain & Inflammation Dead In It's Tracks

If you have ever suffered from any type of ache or pain, you know that it can be life changing in many ways.

Many people are forced to abandon the sports and activities they love. For some, even simple everyday activities like getting out of bed and walking become near impossible.

Unfortunately, most doctors simply write prescription after prescription for drugs that have been proven to have side effects often worse than the pain they are supposed to be helping.

The good news is, nature has it's own solutions to all of the ailments most of us suffer from… and pain is no different -

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FREE Bottle of Sleepzyme Finally get a good night sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, or both, click here and get a FREE Sleep Better Kit. Once you receive it you'll be sleeping like a baby!

Here's what the free kit includes:
•FREE bottle of Sleepzyme®, our natural sleep aid
•FREE copy of our Sleep Like a Baby audio CD
•FREE copy of our Sleep Like a Baby special report

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pH Plus™

pH Plus™ works synergistically with the proper supplements to provide the right balance of acidity and alkalinity within your body. Most foods and water consumed today promote acidic conditions (reduced pH) that are damaging to the trillions of cells in the human body. Damaged cells lead to calcium loss and suboptimal cell function, health and longevity. The cesium chloride and rubidium chloride are alkalizing minerals and when combined with potassium in pH Plus™ penetrate into the cells, raising their pH and oxygen content to a more normal, healthier, disease-resistant state. pH Plus™ is a revolutionary product that enhances the effect of proper diet and exercise to maintain the acid-alkaline balance necessary to sustain proper health.

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Notice: The information on this web site is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians. The author, webmaster, nor any of their affiliates do not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice or prescribe treatment for any kind of disease. The intent is to offer information to help you cooperate with other health and fitness professionals in your mutual quest for optimum weight loss, fitness, and good health. Since every person's metabolic response and general health requirements will differ, it is strongly emphasized that any person desiring to use the information contained herein should consult first with his or her doctor and should remain under the doctor's close medical supervision and advice. The information and ideas on this site are for educational purposes and are not intended as prescriptive advice. Consult your physician before using this advice or starting any exercise or weight-loss program). Links found on this site do not constitute an endorsement by Christopher Guerriero, Maximize Your Metabolism, Wisdom Books, LLC, or their affiliates. None of the information here has been evaluated by the FDA.
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