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How To Get Ripped Fast!

By Vince DelMonte Contributor
Updated: June 30, 2008
When it comes to doing exercise, no one has ever said it better than the shoe company that said, "Just do it". Although there is evidence to suggest that there is an optimal time to work out, the truth is that for most people, timing is not as important as the actual act of exercising. Certain obligations make it so that some people just do not have a way of getting to the gym or working out at home during certain times of the day. Work, school, housework, and childcare can all conspire to keep a person from exercising whenever they want. For these people, the choice comes down to working out when they can, or not working out at all. However, people who do have the means of working out at virtually any time of the day should consider that there are tremendous benefits to exercising early in the morning.

Even the person who does not consider him or her self to be a morning person will recognize that a thirty-minute workout to start the day does more to burn fat than a workout at any other time of the day. Here are three reasons that will make even the biggest lover of sleep rise and shine with the morning sun.
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  • To start, the body's levels of stored carbohydrates are very low at the beginning of the day. The reason for this is simple: you don't eat in your sleep. Normal body processes continue even while you sleep, and your body has to obtain the energy to carry them out from somewhere. In this particular case, your body uses stored glucose (sugar) for its energy source. When you wake up in the morning, your body has used up all of its stored glycogen during the night. What does this mean for your workout? If your body is running on empty in terms of carbohydrates, then it will have no choice but to burn fat during an early morning workout. The less glucose your body has available to burn, then the more fat it will burn in its place during exercise. This is essentially the same principle taken advantage of by those following a low-carb diet.
  • The second reason why a person should consider exercising during the morning hours of the day is because of a phenomenon that takes place after a workout. A good cardio workout in the morning can have lasting effects for the rest of the day. An intense cardio workout increases your metabolism for several hours after the exercise session. As a result, you not only burn fat during your workout, but also for hours after the workout. Cardio workout during the rest of the day still encourage your body to burn fat, but since the body's metabolic rate slows as the day goes on, a cardio workout late in the evening will not be as beneficial as one in the morning.
  • The third reason for working out and exercising in the morning is both physical and psychological. A good exercise session to start the day can give an individual a rush of positive energy that lasts throughout the day. The sense of accomplishment that comes with an early morning workout can stay with a person for the entire day, leading to a more pleasant and enjoyable day. The reason for why exercising makes you feel good is actually rooted in science. Exercise causes your body to release chemicals known as endorphins, which are often referred to as "happy chemicals". These endorphins create a high in some people that is the equivalent of some drugs. It is the same effect that people get from eating chocolate, shopping, and laughing. The result of these happy hormones is reduced stress, improved mood, better circulation, and in some cases, less pain.
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