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How To Write A Self Description That’s Real And Still Gets Results

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: December 10, 2008
No matter how good of a writer you are, writing about yourself is difficult. Knowing what to say, and what not to say, to give the impression you want to give can be tricky.

Twenty-five years ago the people we were being introduced to were people who lived nearby and the groups of people we expected to meet in life was fairly limited by geographical limitations. When we did meet new people we met them in person and took a few minutes to make a first impression. With computers and the internet making it possible for our social circle to expand we have had to adapt the way we make our first impressions as well.

Be Brief: One paragraph isn't much space to try to sum up your whole life. A small description with the highlights is all you need to have covered. A quick description giving a picture of your life and who you are no is all you want to share in your self description summary. Don't try to put your whole life into that space.

Leave Something to the Imagination: If you tell your life history in your self-description you are likely to push more people away than draw them in. If you pique the curiosity of others your description will work for you and draw attention from others.
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Be Honest: Don't pretend to be someone you are not. If you want to meet people who are going to enjoy being your friend you are going to have to let them know who you are, not who you wish you were. If you haven't gone to med school then don't say you have. You will most likely not get along well with the group of those who have.

Be Creative: Showing creativity and making your profile interesting to read is a huge plus. Remember you are writing a description of yourself and don't exaggerate or turn it into a commercial, but have fun with it.

Provide Relevant Information: Whatever information you feel is important should be provided. Any vital information that is tied to the group you are posting your self-description to that might be group specific should be included.

Check Spelling and Grammar: If you want to make a bad impression right away then fill your self-description will spelling and grammar errors. It is alright to use acronyms that are specific to the site you are posting the self-description to, but don't use rare, unknown, or made-by-you acronyms in your self-description.

Keep it Simple: Start simple, don't overdo it with too many details or too much creativity or too many words. Keep your self-description simple so you have something to talk about later.

Don't Complain: Nobody wants to deal with people who make them feel bad and who complain constantly. If you want people to get to know you put on your happy face while you write your self-description. Don't use this as a place to air your dirty laundry or to discuss how horrible your ex is and how you struggle with life.

Mention Happy Things: Along with skipping the complaints you should keep the profile upbeat and fill it with things that make you happy and your accomplishments instead of your challenges.

Using these simple tips and a little common sense will help you write an effective self-description that gets results.
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