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10 Solutions that Deliver Real Weight Loss

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: June 30, 2008
It is that time of year again where we all make our New Year's resolutions. Most people will include loosing weight in those resolutions. This will be the year that, "I am going to do it!" Well, this should be the year that you are going to achieve your weight loss goals and is here to help you.

We are going to offer you ten easy solutions that will deliver real weight loss benefits to you. These recommendations are easy to follow, don't require and special equipment, all that is needed is for you to follow them.

1. Drink water instead of coffee, teas and sodas. It is a fact that we are dehydrated. Our bodies are mostly made of water, and yet instead of drinking the right amount of water we drink sodas, teas and coffees. These make us even more dehydrate, which then in turns slows our metabolism. You should be drinking at least eight 8 oz glasses a day to be properly hydrated and loose weight.

2. Get active, don't worry about working out. Think about it for one minute. You do not have to "workout", you simply need to get up and get moving. Do something that you enjoy, make sure that it makes you break a sweat and that you can do it for at least 40 minutes. Make it something you look forward to doing, walking, riding a bike, dancing, jumping rope the possibilities are endless.

3. Add foods don't take them away. A crazy recommendation for someone trying to loose weight? No, most diets fail because people feel deprived. So instead of looking at what you have to give up, look for ways to add more healthy choices to your daily food intake.
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4. Eat fresh or frozen foods. We in America live in an "I want it now," atmosphere. We don't want to take the time to cook our foods, we eat fast food and out of vending machines. The best way for you to loose weight is to avoid anything packaged and processed. Forget the canned peas, eat frozen or fresh. This is not only good for your weight, but for your blood pressure, liver and kidneys.

5. Eat organic foods whenever possible. Many of us are not aware of the amount of toxins we consume every day in the food that we eat. If you can't buy everything organic, try to by as much as you can organic. They are free of pesticides and free radicals. They will not only help you loose weight, but you will feel better all over.

6. Use smaller plates. In our nation of "super sized" everything it is very easy to over eat. The best solution is to play a bit of a mind game with yourself, use smaller dinner plates. A smaller plate with normal sized portions of food will tell you mind that you are getting enough food, all the while you will actually be eating less.

7. Cook your food, do not microwave it. The reason here is two fold, one microwaving your food adds toxins, which then bog down our body which leads to weight gain. The second reason, is cooked food always taste better then food that has been nuked in the microwave. Satiety will be reached sooner, and you will actually enjoy what you are eating.

8. Be realistic in your goals. Set realistic weight loss goals in a realistic time frame.

9. Stop comparing yourself to other people and be happy with who you are.

10. See yourself thin, toned, healthy and in shape. Never underestimate the power of our mind. See yourself the way you want to be, your ideal size, toned and healthy.
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