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A Special Interview With "The Hormone Helper" Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D., R.N.

By John Benson Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
That is a call for a very (very) good cardiologist to make. The trouble is there are fewer and fewer cardiologists who are not looking at the statin barrage with a cautious eye. Most just blindly accept the "cholesterol is something to lower" philosophy, while ignoring mounds of research from European physicians that point to another solution.

It's just going to get worse folks. Save this newsletter - in fact, pass this on to anyone you care about. In a matter of years, we'll see the "healthy standards" for cholesterol, blood pressure, and other blood markers treated by high-priced, high-profit drugs, radically lower.

Get in the game, folks. The lower these markers go, the greater the sales of these drugs.

Okay, But What About My Hormones?

This plays into your hormone health in a massive way. Many MDs treat hormonal problems with drugs. The problem is simple: the drugs used have been shown to correlate to early death from cancer and heart disease.
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The fact of the matter is the majority of menopausal, andropausal, perimenopausal and adrenal issues (stressed adrenals can be a cause that dreaded "always tired" feeling you may be having) can be treated without drugs. Period. All those nasty symptoms - relieved without drugs.

What is the deal? Well, it involves a three-prong approach that isn't as easy a swallowing a pill...but then again, you may just live longer. It's up to you. That approach is: Treat The Cause, Cleanse The System, and Implement The Correct Supplements and Diet To Revitalize The Body.

Sounds complex, but it's not - in fact, it is without a doubt how your body "prefers" to heal. Listen up all - your body was designed to heal itself. If anyone doubts this, explain the immune system. The entire purpose of the immune system is to allow the body to become a self-healing machine. In reality, drugs and doctors cannot heal the body - only YOUR body can heal your body. They are only the facilitators of the process.

Why not facilitate the process naturally and give yourself the greatest chance of total recovery, rather than just putting a Band-aid on the problem? As Holly says on her homepage, you don't put a Band-aid on a tumor - yet that tends to be the philosophy behind "modern" medicine.

Consider another approach today. Enjoy this excerpt from my interviews with Dr. Lucille. NOTE: You will need the Flash player if you do not hear the audio (click the arrow to being listening). Also, this is a "low-fi" version of the actual NaturaPause audios, created so you can easily download the audio file even on dial-up. The actual CDs, of course, are much higher quality.
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