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2 Steps To Better Bodybuilding Supplements On A Budget!

By Jeff Anderson Contributor
Updated: June 12, 2008
If you're serious about adding nutritional supplements to your bodybuilding program then your first step is to realize that this is going to be a monthly expenditure just like your car payment or phone bill.

And of course, you want to keep it MUCH closer to your phone bill than your car payment, right?

Let me share with you 2 EASY STEPS to saving a TON on your supplement bill...

Step 1: Car...Phone...Groceries...Supplements?

Take a practical look at your MONTHLY expenses and first determine EXACTLY how much money you can commit to spending each and every month to help you reach your goals.

Ahhhh...what's the matter?

Did you hear your wallet slam shut like a dungeon door?

Attaching a monthly "commitment" to buying supplements took all the "fun" out of shopping around for glitzy newcomers you see in each issue of the latest bodybuilding magazine, didn't it?

Yes, it's MUCH easier and exciting to get all worked up about the miracle new "fat burner" and whip out your credit card to look like the fitness model in the add 30 days from now, isn't it?

And herein lies the problem...

Emotional decisions are what force us to spend more money than what we planned on sometimes worthless supplements...and then we're left scratching our heads when the credit card bill comes in and we wonder how the current balance got so high.
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Let me tell you...while establishing a monthly budget for your supplement purchases may force you to face the fact that there really IS a cost associated with them, most people spend MORE money on supplements by NOT setting a budget and sticking with it!

Bottom line...without a budget, you have no way of limiting yourself and you're likely to overspend.

But setting a monthly budget can help you in other ways as well...

By staying within a certain spending limit, you're forced to REALLY make rational, educated decisions about your supplement choices.

While the new "miracle" muscle-builder you were frothing at the mouth over in the latest muscle mag may be calling your name, once you see that it will blow this month's AND next month's protein purchase, it won't be so magnetic and you'll be able to stick with your tried and true supplement program that will take you MUCH further toward your goals.

Step 2: Make Your OWN Supplement Formulas!

Yes, you heard me right...

There's no need to pay such outrageous prices for name brand supplements when you can EASILY create your own recipes right in your very own kitchen.

You don't need to be a laboratory scientist to do's actually amazingly simple if you know how!

I've outlined a 4-step process you can use yourself to create your very own powerful supplement formulas at my website

Once you read this report, you'll never look at supplements the same way again...and you won't have to go broke in your quest for more muscle and less fat!
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