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The Best Bodybuilding Equipment Is...YOU!

By Jeff Anderson Contributor
Updated: June 12, 2008
Go to any gym. What do you see? Body building equipment fills every square inch that's not already occupied with sweaty bodies. There's always one machine in particular that draws a crowd. It's the latest, greatest in body building equipment. The one that will sculpt, tone, and carve you into body building perfection. Is it worth standing in line for? Maybe, but probably not.

The best body building equipment you'll ever find is your own body. Using your own body weight, you can create better results than the fanciest body building equipment on the market ever could. When you use your own body for resistance, you get some benefits no mechanical body building equipment could ever provide.

Here are some of the best features of this most excellent body building equipment:


When you exercise using your own body for resistance, your muscles work even harder just to keep you upright. What do you think works you harder, bench pressing, where you're lying on the bench, totally supported; or, push-ups, where the last thing you want to do is crash to the ground in a clumsy, klutsy mass? No body building equipment has ever been created that will work your balance ability as hard as standing on your own two feet.
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Range of Motion

Compare how your muscles work when you're on a tricep machine versus doing kickbacks with a dumbbell. On the machine, your body works like... a machine. On the floor, you're able to add a little twist at the end, tweaking the exercise to add a little more definition. Most body building equipment has a relatively limited range of motion allowed, but you can extend your range by doing it on your own.

Core Strength

What will work you to exhaustion faster – a bunch of reps on a piece of body building equipment that targets biceps, or some old-fashioned chin ups? On most body building equipment, you get to plant your butt on a bench. Most exercises you do using your own weight as resistance require a lot from your core muscles. They're involved even when they're not targeted.

The good news is that you don't have to wait in line anymore for the most popular pieces of body building equipment. The bad news is that you're out of excuses! See a long line? Just hit the floor. Your body will get a better workout, with benefits no machine could ever give.
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