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Some Things Cost Far More than Money

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: September 10, 2008
Money. We make it, spend it, invest it and save it... or we don't. Every one of these efforts can result in something fantastic and also something dreadful. I wonder if you've ever thought about how what you choose to do with yours effects your health, weight, even your happiness. Well, especially your happiness.

John and I just shared three and a half days with Vic Johnson and his beautiful finance Lisa in Newport, Rhode Island. We met to create a phenomenal marketing arm for our business and also to have some fun. One of the adventures in the fun category was a visit to the Breakers Mansion. The foundation was dug in 1892, during the Gilded Age. That basically means it was built during a time when surplus was commonplace for those living and playing in this posh New England resort territory.

A 4-story house with 70 rooms; consisting of 43 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms, this place was truly a palace. Its rooms were built in countries like France and Italy and then transported to New York City. And its walls and ceilings were literally coated in 22 carat gold. Eleven million dollars was the building cost. That was a TON of money in 1892, a pretty dog-gone lot of money today too. Twenty-two contractors worked 7 days a week to see that the mansion (which by the way was the Vanderbilt's summer home) was finished in two years.

Now if you've built a home you know what it can be like working with ONE contractor, let alone 22! And you know how long it can take to erect a 2 or 4000 square foot home. Imagine only 2 years to build one that was constructed of imported this and rare and precious that... and that had 70 rooms!
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It was learning of the 11 million dollar price and two year timetable that the title of this article came to my mind. As we stood in the master bedroom of the home's owner, Cornelius Vanderbilt, we learned that he only enjoyed one summer there. One year after the mansion was done he had a stroke and lived the last three years of his life as an invalid. The only room he saw was the bedroom we were standing in, and even there had to be dressed, laid in and taken out of his bed by someone else. He never enjoyed the grounds or the splendor that he had poured so much of himself into. The architect died before the house was even finished. That's when our tour guide said the words, "It seems this house cost a whole lot more than eleven million dollars." And it was at that moment I knew I had to share this with you.

So, let's go back to YOUR money. Is what you're making adding to the enjoyment of your life or is the stress of making more of it perchance shortening your years on this earth? Is your spending resulting in happiness or instead pressure resulting from too much spending? How about investments? Are you making them? Are you putting money into the building of your dreams and of your future? Are you saving money or spending all that's coming in?

The goal of writing this article is to remind you once again that life is short and we shouldn't miss one single solitary minute of it wasting time being worried or stressed.

Whether you're making a great deal of money or thinking you don't make enough---you could be missing the moments that matter because of it. Make whatever amount of money you make, but most importantly enjoy life with it.

Some are so busy making more, more, more that the precious times of simply playing in the rain, making snow angels, sitting by the surf or deciding which clouds look like what objects get missed. Many times it's the complaining that WHEN you make more money THEN you'll be happy that brings with it the price of missing life. I'm a believer in aspiring to more... no doubt about it. I just think more has to do with a lot more than more money.

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