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How To End Up WANTING to Exercise

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: July 03, 2008
Having been in the business of helping people lose weight since 1982, I have watched so many get excited about the numbers on the scale going down. In 1986 I had my first encounter with helping people gain rather than lose. I stood in front of a group of about 300 people and realized I knew how to help others gain confidence. It wasn't in weight loss, though; it was in business and in life and it was EXHILERATING! I had found my passion!

It wasn't until a few years ago, unfortunately, that I figured out this building confidence thing was the key to permanent weight loss. Confidence GAIN was the answer--- not weight LOSS! I knew it and I was excited about sharing it! But the road that lay before me was full of challenges because I was still faced with people who believed all they wanted was for the numbers on the scale to drop. Little by little, though, we've watched members receive the message of Never Ending Motivation and The Life Success Program, and the results are incredible!

Now don't worry; I'm not saying you won't lose the weight. You will. I'm just saying you'll no longer be a slave to the scale, and everything else about your life will improve too!!! I am so excited I can barely contain myself!
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In my article, soon to be a book, Thinking is Thin-king, I describe how focusing on what you want is far more positive-result-producing than focusing on what we don't want. I shared how too often - with regard to losing weight or achieving any other goal at all - we need to focus on the benefits. It's long been one of my personal goals to see folks who didn't even like to exercise (especially those who didn't like to exercise) fall in love with the benefits. Too often, when someone has weight to lose, exercise is seen as the punishment for being overweight.

The irony is that those who maintain a healthy weight see controlling their weight as only one of the benefits. More often, the reason a person exercises is to defeat stress, feel better overall, organize the time in their day, shape their legs, reduce cellulite, live longer, reduce blood pressure, get off prescription drugs, build confidence, clear their minds, gain mental clarity to solve a problem they're facing---- oh yes, and to keep weight off. Do you see the difference?

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