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Losing Weight Is NOT ABOUT THE FOOD!!! Part 2

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: September 10, 2008
Achieving Goals Isn't Just About The Goal Itself

A guy is riding a bicycle across the Mexican border into Texas with two big burlap bags in each hand. The border patrol stops him and asks what he has in the bags. He says, "Sand." They say, "Yeah right, sand. We have to go through the bags." So they go through the bags and sure enough, all they find is sand. So they let him ride his bike on into the United States.

A few days later he heads back across the border to Mexico, and a few days after that, here he comes again, riding a bike and carrying two big burlap bags. They stop him again and ask, "What's in the bags?" He replies, "Sand." As before, they are doubtful. He says, "No really, it's sand." They don't believe him, so they take the bags, dump them out and dig through the sand. All they find is sand. A few days later he goes back to Mexico.

This continues for weeks. It continues for months. It continues for years. Finally one day, he rides a bike up to the border with two bags. The border patrol stops him and says, "Look, we know you're up to something. We've gone through these bags that you claim contain only sand, and it looks like sand, but there's got to be something going on here. You're obviously smuggling something into this country. We won't even press charges if you just tell us. It's driving us crazy. What are you doing? What are you smuggling?" He looks at them with a sheepish little grin and says, with a chuckle in his voice, "Bicycles."

What seems to be obvious isn't always the answer. In that story they were positive he had something in those bags, but he was riding a different bicycle across the border every time. With regard to not meeting your goals, what seems like the obvious cause may not be the real cause it all.

We're sure if we try the next diet or exercise program we're going to follow through and get what we want. But it's not just about what we're going to get. Achieving goals isn't about just the goal itself. Achieving your goal is about something other than the obvious. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FOOD!!
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You have to "be" before you can "do", and you have to "do" before you can "have". We want permanent weight loss results we have to do certain things in order to have those successes, and we have to be a certain way in order to do the necessary things. In order to lose weight permanently we need to change our minds. I specialize in helping people change their minds. :>)

It's Not About What You Think It's About.

If you want to lose weight or get in better physical shape, the first step is to acknowledge that it's not about the food. If it were about the food, we'd all be thin and healthy right now. But the obesity level in this country is climbing, so it's not about the food. In the last 3 ½ years the average person has been on 10-20 diets. Count on your fingers with me as I go through these.

Have you cut back the total amount of calories you eat in a day in an effort to lose weight? Have you cut back carbohydrates, reduced your portion sizes, or have you avoided eating certain foods? Maybe you've stopped eating after a certain time at night, maybe you've added a certain type of food, maybe you bought something from an infomercial, or you ordered food to be sent right to your home. Many of us have tried one or more of these different methods, but have we met our goal of losing weight?

The food you eat is what you do, but success comes when we focus on who you are. When you're a motivated individual with the desire to continually learn and grow, your weight WILL come off.

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