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Money Poll: Top 10 Goals

By Vic Johnson
Goal Achieving Expert
Updated: September 21, 2008
Money Magazine's January issue has an interesting survey of American's goals for 2006. They noted that traditional goals for health and money are taking a back seat this year to the desire to spend more time with the people we love.

Top Overall Goal
30% Spend more time with family and friends
19% Get healthier
18% Manage money better
17% Pursue enjoyable activities
12% Improve career.

Just as revealing, the top financial goal chosen by 33% was to save more money this year. Here's a tip that Loral Langemeier, the Wealth Diva, shared during one of our tele-seminars: Open an Orange Savings Account and set up an automatic investment every week (or every month) to be taken out of your checking account. Start with a modest amount and gradually increase it. You're not likely to miss the money and you'll have the beginnings of a real investment account.
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