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How to stay on track

By Vic Johnson
Goal Achieving Expert
Updated: September 28, 2008
So how do we stay on track? How do we remain motivated and focused toward our highest and best?

Allow me to share with you a few things that have worked for me. Perhaps they can help you stay on track.

Three Most Important Goals
I have many goals. I always have a few dozen I'm working toward. But I keep three first and foremost in my mind. Every day, I know I must do something that will help me make progress toward their achievement. I look at these goals every day. They're rarely out of my consciousness. And I usually do take action every day on each of these three goals.

What's Next?
Martin Sheen's character in the hit TV series "The West Wing" is President Jeb Bartlett. His way of saying that he's done with something and ready to move on is to ask the question, "What's next?"

It's a good question to ask ourselves. Not only what's next, but what's the most important thing we can do today to move us closer to our most important objectives.
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Keep Your Goals in Front of You
Put pictures of your goals up so you see them often. Review them regularly. And most importantly, review the REASONS why you want to accomplish these goals. It's the reasons that will make the difference.

Talk About Your Goals with Supportive People
Having a mastermind group is ideal, but even if you don't have one, you can still share your goals with people who will encourage and support you. And you can do the same for them.

By talking about your goals, you make them more real. You'll also get ideas from others on how you can better achieve them. People can't help you if they don't know what you want.

Forgive Yourself and Move On
Way too much emotional energy and thinking is wasted because we keep reviewing past behaviors. The past is gone. Today is all we have. Don't squander time and energy thinking about what you should have done, could have done, what you did or might have done.

Today is a new day. Move on. The point of power is in the present.

Affirmation and Visualization
Affirmative statements and visualizing the achievement of our goals help us to "feel" our way to success. Anything we can do to elevate our emotional connection with our objectives will help us stay on track.

It's well worth developing strategies that work to keep us consistently moving toward our goals. As we do so we build a track record of success, and setting and achieving bigger goals becomes even easier.

Michael Angier is the founder of SuccessNet, which is celebrating ten years of helping people empower themselves to be their best.
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