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30 Day Metabolic (fat-burning) Makeover (Part 1)

By Christopher Guerriero
Weight Loss and Energy Expert
Updated: October 07, 2008
The human body is an incredible machine. It can withstand constant abuse and actually, in time, acclimate. We can train our muscles to grow, we can train our brains to hold more information, we can even train our lungs to hold more air but what is even more incredible is the science of using this function to train your metabolism to either increase or decrease not within a few years or within a few months, but rather within a few days.

As healthy human beings we can change the way our digestive system and our metabolism view the food which enters our stomach. Did you know that before a camel goes into the dessert, it can, and does store enough water for it to survive weeks without a fresh supply.

How does it do this? Well I assure you, that camel doesn’t know how it does it, nor does it care. And as long as it doesn’t die of thirst I’ll bet it never even questions the fact. Their systems simply have a survival mechanism that triggers the camels thirst sensation and increases certain muscle cells sensitivity to water. Causing the camel drink more and more importantly store more.
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Our metabolism work the same way. If we go without water for some reason, our survival mechanism will trigger the appropriate areas in our bodies to store as much water as it can, in fact we will end up storing almost as much water as we take in, to a point. On top of that our body will slow down the sweat function causing us to retain even the water that has already been held in our water storage sights.

The solution is simple, with a few simple tests we can find out how much water our particular body needs. Then all we have to do is supply it with at least that amount every day, causing the old built up water to be literally washed away. But the miracle of our body doesn’t stop there.

If we can do that with our water storage sights than why not do that with our carbohydrate, protein, and yes, even our fat storage sights (cellulite). And you’re just going to love the process because you’ll see results as you progress. To train your system to drop fat, simply trick it into believing that it will always be supplied with the exact amount that it desires, on a regular basis. As great as it sounds so far, there is a problem with this process.

Following this theory, all you would have to do to drop fat would be to eat an abundance of fat, right. WRONG! Simply stated, you need to find what percentage of fat your body needs, not the percentage that your mind desires!

Then you need to follow the same technical pattern for carbohydrates and proteins, because we all know that too much of any nutrient will be converted to fat, and this would simply delay the entire fat burning process.

In my next post, I’ll cover how to complete this process and convert your cravings into a major asset in your fat burning arsenal.

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