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Could This Be The Solution For Skinny Biceps?
Have you tried everything short of sacrificing live chickens to get your biceps to grow? Well, no need for for the mojo brotha...give my 2-step "Bicep-Shocker" a try in your next arm workout. Here's how it... - Found December 10, 2008
Deadly Bodybuilding Myths You Don't Know Part 1
There are so many unproven bodybuilding myths that are still around us. Would you believe me if I said you are being scammed out of 90% of the muscle growth you should be getting because you have been mislead and... - Found August 23, 2008
Do You Know How To Gain Muscle Fast?
Could you teach me how to gain muscle fast? Could you teach me how to pack on an extra ten to fifteen pounds of muscle mass before my next vacation? Could you help me get ready for my first bodybuilding or fitness model... - Found June 28, 2008
Fast Or Slow Repetition Speed...Which Works Best For Building Muscle And Strength?
Lifting tempo is the technical term for how fast (or slow) you lift and lower the weights during a rep. Lifting tempo has a couple of other aliases, lifting speed and rep speed to name two. A rose by any other name as... - Found December 10, 2008
Flexibility Secrets
Here’s an excellent list of different stretches that should be an amazing help to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility… The different types of stretching are: 1. ballistic stretching 2. dy - Found June 07, 2008
For More Muscle Mass, You Need To Get Off Your...Uh...Booty!
If your goal is to pack on more muscle, a lot of guys get too caught up in what I call "super-isolating" their muscle groups. I'm talking about exercises like seated dumbbell curls, seated preacher curls, dumbbell... - Found August 07, 2008
Get Big Muscles In 3 Simple Steps
Do you know what it really takes to build big muscles? Do you think it's as simple as buying a gym membership, training each body once per week, slamming back some protein shakes and trying to eat as much chicken and... - Found June 28, 2008
Help! Help! I Just Ate A Carbohydrate!
I think I finally realized that the low carb craze spreading across the globe has ultimately reached a level of obsession when I was standing next to my car at a local convenient store, pumping gas. While listening to... - Found June 12, 2008
How To "Time" Your Diet For Faster Muscle Growth
It's true that the grueling workout you've invested at the local "iron jungle" will stimulate your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. But ultimately it's your diet that will provide the "building blocks" for this new... - Found December 10, 2008
How To Build Big Biceps
The "Guns." The "Pythons." "Thunder" and "Lighting." The "Rockweillers." There is no other muscle group that has earned more nicknames than when describing a bulging and huge set of bicep! Bulging biceps - every guy... - Found October 07, 2008
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