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Cutting Calories - A Change In Lifestyle, A Change For The Better

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
15. Season your vegetables with an alternative to butter. Lemon and herbs serve as a healthier alternative.

16. Eat your food slowly. Take your time and chew. This will keep you from overeating when you are actually no longer hungry.

17. Enjoy your dessert, but do so in small portions. Don't deny yourself a treat after a meal, but consider cutting back on the portion that you do eat.

18. Eat your ice cream out of the cup and forget about the cone.

19. Eat apple or peach pies instead of pecan or cream pies.

20. Share or split a dessert with your friend, date, or significant other.

21. Get rid of the regular soda and substitute it with diet soda. Better yet, get rid of the soda altogether and drink water during your meals.

22. Pay attention to serving sizes in any drink. Sometimes, one can or one bottle actually contains more than one serving.

23. Try to resist super-sizing your meal. Usually, the portion you are given is exactly the portion you are supposed to eat.

24. Take advantage of the low-calorie nature of light beer. Today, just about every beer on tap at a local restaurant is also available in a lighter, low-calorie version.

25. Eat your snacks from a bowl instead of eating them directly from the bag. This will keep you from overeating while you snack.
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26. If you love salsa, try dipping some vegetables into it instead of fried tortilla chips.

27. Drop the cookies and snack on a bit of fruit.

28. Enjoy a handful of mixed nuts.

29. Treat yourself to a chocolate bar. Just make sure it is the smaller, "fun size" bar and not the king size version.

30. Ask your server to remove the bread from your table once you have been seated.

31. As an appetizer, ask for a cup of soup instead of an entire bowl.

32. If given the option, choose vegetables as a side instead of rice, potatoes, or pasta.

33. Ask your server for a half portion of your meal. Most restaurants are happy to oblige.

34. Choose grilled instead of fried chicken.

35. Ask for your sauce or dressing on the side. Don't drench your food in it.
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