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Healthy Eating Outside The Home

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
Although eating at home does allow individuals to choose what and how much food they eat, it is possible to leave the comfort of your home and eat healthy at a restaurant without having to feel guilty afterwards. With a few tips and strategies, it is in fact possible to eat out while still staying healthy.

Remember that going out to eat is not an excuse to break the eating habits that are helping you stay healthy. It is important to note that eating out is just an extension of your already existing dietary practices. Be smart about what you order. Splurge on a treat, but do so in moderation, this way you can still enjoy the treat without having to feel bad afterwards.

For starters, order your food to go. Most nutritional experts will tell you that individuals tend to overeat when they are eating at a table that is not theirs. For some reason, other people's tables seem to work as a trigger that tells people it is okay to eat more. Taking the food from a restaurant home with you can serve as a reminder not to overeat. In addition, being at home gives you access to other healthier foods that can be paired with the food from the restaurant.
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One of the most damaging places to eat for a person who is watching what he or she eats is the local buffet line. It does not take a genius to discover that all-you-can-eat restaurants encourage individuals to eat more than they really should. Most of the time, people at buffets are eating more to get their money's worth than they are for the pure enjoyment of the food. In the end, people do eat their money's worth, but they end up coming home with a little guilt as a dessert.

Today, most restaurants have recognized that people are trying to make a move towards a healthier lifestyle. This not only includes increased physical activity, but changes in diet as well. As a result, most restaurants now offer their customers a variety of light and healthy meal options. These alternatives are often lower in fat and calories, making them much healthier alternatives than most other items on the menu.

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